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    About Us

    HR. Benefits. Peace of Mind.

    Our sister entities, HighRoad Partners HR Solutions and HighRoad Partners Insurance & Benefits provide you with ''in-sourced'' HR solutions and individual and group benefit plans and services.

    Why partner with us for your HR Solutions? Because you are hustling hard to make your business successful. And the ''HR hat'' is a heavy one, if you are wearing it right. Let us wear that hat (we love it and ROCK it)! HighRoad Partners wants to become a part of your team, offering HR services customized to your unique HR and benefit needs - so you can focus on your business.


    Through HighRoad Partners Insurance & Benefits , whether you are seeking individual policies, including Medicare policies, or group policies, our team of licensed agents are the experts. Walking this journey alone can be complicated – and dangerous. Let us serve as your guide.

    Together we are HighRoad Partners and we believe that your success is our success. We believe it so much we staked our name on it. The phrase ''take the high road'' comes from an old Scottish song, meaning to ''take the good and noble path''. Enough said.

    We are excited about HR, benefits, and your success! Reach out today to discuss where the HighRoad can take us. Together.


    • HR Solutions
    • Employer Group Health Insurance
    • Individual and Family Health Insurance
    • Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans & Medicare Advantage Plans
    • Dental / Vision / Ancillary
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