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    The Chamber is a catalyst for growth and prosperity.
    We promote and protect business, inspire innovation, cultivate communities and influence action.

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  • Community Builders

    Community Builders are a group of leading corporate citizens dedicated to the economic prosperity and progress of the region.
    Community Builders represent the highest level of Chamber investment, and their commitment enables The Chamber to promote and protect business, inspire innovation, cultivate communities, influence action and be a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity.

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  • Leadership FMWF - Apply March 15 to April 7 Leadership FMWF - Apply March 15 to April 7

  • Leadership FMWF

    Don't miss your chance to apply for next year's class or encourage someone you know to get involved with the program. For more than 30 years, more than 1,000 graduates have been given the opportunity to build a diverse network of like-minded people with a shared commitment to the community and personal growth. Leadership Fargo Moorhead West Fargo fosters the development of this elite network of engaged and well-informed leaders. The program exposes emerging and existing leaders to the issues that face our region while challenging and engaging participants to strengthen the community through service and leadership.

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  • Ignite FMWF Ignite FMWF

  • Ignite FMWF | Driving workforce success and connectivity for our region

    Ignite FMWF will provide your business with additional opportunities to directly connect with your immediate and future talent pipelines. At no cost to your business, you’ll be able to:
    • Post jobs and internships
    • Increase your organization’s visibility
    • Directly connect with students through skill-based volunteerism
    • Connect directly to the workforce in our greater FMWF region
    • Access high-quality video training
    • Much more ...

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