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    Applications for the 2023-24 class open on March 15 and close on April 7.

    Applications will be accessible on this page during that window.

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    FAQs FAQs

    Where can I find the application?
    Leadership Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Class of 2024 applications will open on our website (you're on the correct page now) on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, and close on Friday, April 7, 2023.

    Can multiple people from my organization apply to participate?
    While multiple people from your organization can apply, we generally only accept one applicant per company into the class.

    Can I view the application prior to completing it online?
    Yes, the application questions are available on the program information document. You will be able to return to your account throughout the process before submitting the final application for consideration.

    What is required for a complete application to be considered?
    The application packet is made up of three components: application, two reference emails, and the employer participation agreement.

    What is the cost of tuition?
    Chamber Members | $1,900
    Not-Yet-Members | $2,500 (this includes your one-year Access-level membership)

    All components must be received by the stated deadline for your application to be considered by the selection committee. One an application is submitted; references will have 2 weeks to complete the reference form that will be sent to them using the email the applicant provides.


    Is there tuition assistance?
    Yes, there is partial tuition assistance via scholarships. The scholarship application is included in the program application.

    Does my employer have to complete the Employer Participation Agreement by the application deadline?
    Yes. Your application packet is not considered complete, nor will it be reviewed until all components are received.

    If I am self-employed or the top executive in my company, how should the Employer Participation Agreement be completed?
    For application status tracking, please complete the form with your contact details and fill out the agreement. We apologize for the inconvenience but want to ensure your application is considered complete and reviewed by the selection committee.

    How and when will my references be contacted?
    Your references will be contacted via email upon the business day following your application submission. 

    What will my references be asked to do, and how long will it take?
    Your references will be asked to answer a short questionnaire about your leadership capabilities; both witnessed and potential. It should take approximately 30 minutes. The more detailed information and specific examples provided, the stronger the reference.

    Do my references have to be completed by the application deadline?
    Your references will have 2 weeks after your submission to complete the reference questionnaire.

    Will I be notified when my reference(s) complete his/her response(s)?
    No. You will be notified on day 10 after your submission if your reference has not filled out the questionnaire.

    What if I can’t attend the orientation or the retreat?
    Attending the retreat — in its entirety — is mandatory if you are selected to participate in the program. At the retreat, class members receive an overview of requirements, begin leadership development coursework, and get to know their classmates. If you cannot attend the entire retreat, we recommend that you apply during a year in which you are available for the retreat.

    When will I be notified if I receive an interview?
    We expect to notify applicants if they are moving to the interview portion of the process by May 4. Interviews will take place on May 16, 17 and 18.

    When will I be notified of the decision regarding my application?
    We expect to notify applicants of their status in June.

    When will the class officially be announced?
    The class will be officially announced via a FMWF Chamber of Commerce press release in late July or early August.

  • Leadership FMWF 2023-24


  • Connecting Leaders to Strengthen our Community

    For more than 30 years, Leadership Fargo Moorhead West Fargo has connected and developed leaders who greatly impact the community through dedication and service. You will find our alumni holding prominent public leadership roles within our community and a host of others who actively serve the community every day as board members, diligent volunteers and dedicated employees. Each year, LFMWF selects 40 emerging and existing leaders from all sectors of the community to participate in the ten-month program.

    Program Overview

    Since 1989, more than 1,000 graduates have been given the opportunity to build a diverse network of like-minded people with a shared commitment to the community and personal growth. Leadership Fargo Moorhead West Fargo fosters the development of this elite network of engaged and well-informed leaders.

    The program exposes emerging and existing community leaders to the issues that face our region while challenging and engaging participants to strengthen the community through service and leadership.

    With the community as their classroom, participants:

    • Develop long-lasting relationships with other leaders.
    • Discover the inner workings of our community and challenges facing our community.
    • Define your individual role and responsibility as a leader within our community.

    You should apply to Leadership Fargo Moorhead West Fargo if…

    • You are committed to leadership and community stewardship.
    • You want to build a diverse long-term network of colleagues.
    • You have a strong desire and interest to promote the organization you represent.
    • You want to contribute to the community even after graduation.
  • What do past LFMWF graduates say about the experience?

  • Aaron Buffington
    Class of 2017-18

    "I've been very impressed with the leadership program and the team that puts it together. It's been a terrific opportunity to meet with leaders across our community from government, non-profits, business, and academics. The two things that have been the most valuable part of this experience for me has been chance to build new relationships with my classmates and to work with a small team to create and implement our Community Change Initiative project."

  • Amber Blomberg
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
    Class of 2018-19

    “I came away from the Leadership FMWF program with lifelong friendships and a wealth of information I didn’t have before. This program broadened my community knowledge, allowed me to meet and learn from inspiring community leaders and gain additional leadership skills. It also enabled me to continue to grow as a community member to help make an impact on current and future needs of the community. If you’re looking for the opportunity to get connected to a network of other leaders, I would strongly encourage you to participate in Leadership FMWF.”

  • David Ebinger
    Moorhead Police Department
    Class of 2014-15

    “Not being a native of the area, this program has given me a good opportunity to see what a diverse, complex, and interesting community this is as well as given me insight into the organizations, business and nonprofits working here.”

  • Mitch Johnson
    CoreLink Administrative Solutions
    Class of 2016-17

    “Leadership FMWF helped me recognize who I am within the local community. I was able to connect with so many individuals from different careers and different seniority levels within their organization. From those connections, I learned about different ways to volunteer within the community or showcase the wonderful things already happening throughout the region. As I navigate my own personal and professional life, I rely on a number of individuals I met during the program. I highly recommend it.”

  • Lindsey Cernik
    Border States
    Class of 2019-20

    “As someone who has never lived elsewhere, I liked to think I had a good grasp on what the FMWF community offered. Leadership FMWF introduced me to so many wonderful businesses and community members that I now see how small my lens truly was. If you are looking to strengthen your connection with local businesses and community members and broaden your lens, Leadership FMWF offers you the unique opportunity to do so. Even if you’ve always lived in the area like me, I guarantee you’ll learn something new!”

  • Joanna Slominski
    Mortenson Construction
    Class of 2014-15

    “The program is about opportunities, opportunities, opportunities! It’s also about meeting people in the community as well as the community and all the things I didn’t know the Fargo-Moorhead area had to offer. It’s about awareness and opening my eyes to the opportunities and community.”

  • "There are a few places I’ve met high-quality people, and The Chamber’s Leadership program is one of the places I’ve met some of the best people in my life. I have people in many industries now that went through what I went through, that I respect and can visit with."
    - Kurt Lysne, Moore Engineering, Inc.


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