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  • The FMWF Chamber Foundation

  • About The Chamber Foundation

    The Chamber Foundation strengthens the FMWF regional workforce ecosystem by activating community partners to engage in innovative approaches to solving our region's pressing issues. We concentrate on workforce and talent, including acclimation, development, retention and diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Mission Statement

  • The Chamber Foundation is a catalyst for strengthening the regional workforce ecosystem. We activate community partners to engage in innovative approaches to solving the region's pressing issues. Our focus lies in acclimation, development, and retention.



    The Chamber Foundation's Ignite Initiative is our region's driving force in building a resilient and inclusive workforce. Attracting exceptional talent, fostering seamless acclimation, nurturing continuous development and ensuring steadfast retention are the pillars that lead to workforce growth and prosperity.

    Our workforce approach involves collaboration and partnership while working on various critical initiatives with a diverse set of organizations and communities.

  • The Ignite Initiative The Ignite Initiative

  • The Ignite Initiative drives continued success for the regional business community using multiple components

    Ignite FMWF
    This resource is an online platform linking job recruitment, skill building, and career navigation into one collaborative resource to build a highly skilled workforce for North Dakota and Minnesota businesses. It also provides the opportunity to shape the future of our region's workforce by connecting business leaders with educators and students.

    Community Concierge Program 
    This program welcomes newcomers and their families to the region by introducing them to all the reasons locals love and call the region our home. Community representatives, as well as Foundation staff, help individuals in entry-level positions, up to senior-level executives, whether they are deciding to move here or already making the transition.

    A partnership with the Cass County Career and Technical Education, this program provides businesses and area teachers an opportunity to connect on the region’s workforce needs. Employers share information about employment experiences and professional skills that are essential to operating a successful business. Teachers take what they learn back to the classroom to prepare students for their first days on the job, shaping our region’s future workforce.

  • Community Concierge Program Community Concierge Program

  • Connecting Newcomers to Our Community Connecting Newcomers to Our Community

    The Community Concierge Program strengthens connections in the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo communities. It establishes a supportive network where people share experiences, form friendships, and nurture valuable connections. Its main purpose is to connect newcomers with our community champions, known as "Icebreakers." It also helps employers while they are conducting job searches or welcoming new employees. We curate experiences so candidates and newly hired individuals begin to feel at home in our community


    • Newcomers meet their first friends.
    • Individuals build authentic connections based on personal and family interests.
    • Participants receive intentional invitations to relevant community events.
    • Personalized attention to job candidates, new hires, and their families.
    • Streamlined process - employers concentrate on interviews, leaving community engagement to us.
    • Competitive edge - our unique investment in candidates sets you apart from other companies.
    • No HR limitations - we can ask questions that traditional processes don’t cover.
    • Resume distribution to relevant businesses within the Chamber's database.

    Levels of Service

    • Ice Breakers: If you're new in town or simply eager to expand your social circle and community involvement, say hello to our Icebreakers! Our database of community champions makes it easy to uncover like-minded folks who share interests, from tasty restaurants to thrilling adventures. So go ahead, make yourself at home and connect with your first friend in town!

    • Customized Concierge: Calling all employers! Our concierge service has a menu of options to help you hire the finest candidates for your team. From a community tour to coffee to lunch, we'll treat your potential hires while you focus on finding the perfect match for your company culture, values, and goals. Plus, we'll even throw in some sweet extras like a career service for spouses and partners, a welcome packet, and ongoing engagement. Let us customize an experience that'll have those newcomers falling head over heels for your business.

    • All Inclusive Concierge: Employers, it's time to level up your with Premiere Concierge Services! When it comes to recruiting top-notch executives, these services provide an experience that'll make them feel right at home in our community. From lovely dinners to networking events with kindred spirits, and even personalized tours of the area tailored to their interests, these perks will provide a true taste of what life is like here.

    The Power of Belonging

    Investing in a sense of belonging isn't just about connecting people; it's about nurturing the very essence of our community. Together, we strengthen the bonds that make us a vibrant, thriving place to live. Join us in building a brighter future, one connection at a time.

    For more information or to get involved, please contact Donna Heck, Concierge Strategist, at dheck@fmwfchamber.com.

    For Employers

    If you are hoping to engage your candidates and new hires in our program, we kindly request your cooperation in completing this form. Your timely submission will enable us to provide tailored assistance and support to your candidates, enhancing their experience with our community and facilitating a smooth transition to your organization. We look forward to delivering the best possible service for your team. To fill out the form, click here: Employer Concierge Referral.

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    IgniteFMWF, a crucial component of The Chamber's comprehensive Ignite Initiative, is an online platform that connects our area businesses to the job seekers of today and tomorrow. This dynamic platform links job recruitment, skill building, and career navigation into one collaborative resource.

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  • Customize your profile by uploading logos, videos and other important information about your company. Be sure to share details about what sets you apart and why your company is a great place to work. You might talk about your innovative culture, your exceptional team, a commitment to helping employees grow, or being part of a company that is doing impactful work.

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  • Microgrant: Finish Line Microgrant: Finish Line

  • The FMWF Chamber Foundation wants to partner with our local FMWF 501(c)(3) public charities to empower innovative ideas regarding childcare, transportation, and English learning. We believe that uplifting those who serve our community will help the ongoing efforts to make our region even better! The Chamber Foundation strengthens the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo regional workforce ecosystem by activating community partners to engage in innovative approaches to solving our region’s pressing issues.

    The FMWF Chamber Foundation has been collaborating with different organizations from the region to better understand some of the growing workforce challenges that impact all of us. We believe there are great projects in the community that are almost finished but might need a little financial bump to get the project off the ground or “over the finish line."

    Online Application Form and more details

    Proposals are due Monday, December 4, 2023.