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    Welcome to the Community Concierge Program, where we are on a mission to foster stronger connections within the vibrant communities of Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo. This initiative is designed to create a supportive network that transcends geographical boundaries, allowing individuals to share experiences, build meaningful friendships, and cultivate valuable connections that last a lifetime. 

  • For Employers 


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  • Your candidates will build authentic connections.

    We go beyond the conventional onboarding process by extending personalized invitations to participants, encouraging them to actively engage in community events. This approach immediately fosters a profound sense of belonging and connection.







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  • No limits, no boundaries.

    Embrace a truly comprehensive onboarding experience with our program, free from HR limitations. We encourage exploring questions that traditional processes may not encompass, ensuring a richer onboarding journey. As part of our commitment, we can help your candidate's spouse/partner in their job search by sharing resumes with Chamber member businesses.

  • Elevate your employee onboarding experience.

    Discover a new standard in employee onboarding with our community concierge program, meticulously designed to enhance the journey of every newcomer. Our customizable and all-inclusive program levels redefine the onboarding experience, ensuring that employees not only make their first friends but also cultivate genuine connections based on personal and family interests. 





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  • Personalized attention for every candidate.

    Our commitment to personalized attention extends to job candidates, new hires and their families. While employers focus on interviews, we seamlessly integrate newcomers into the community, showcasing a distinctive investment in candidates that sets your company apart. This commitment extends beyond the professional sphere, emphasizing employee well-being. 






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    ALL-INCLUSIVE EXCELLENCE | $3,000 per individual

    Elevate your recruitment strategy and unlock a white-glove acclimation experience with our "Premier Concierge" services. Designed for employers looking to enhance their recruitment, we create curated experiences that may include dinners, networking events, and personalized area tours. The Chamber offers up to 12 hours of customized community acclimation services throughout their first year to showcase the local lifestyle and make a lasting impression on executive candidates.

    This all-encompassing package includes tailored attention based on individual or family preferences, ensuring a seamless transition to their new community.

    Enhance your recruitment

    White-glove acclimation services

    Make a positive and lasting impression on your candidates

    Why invest in the all-inclusive program? 
    • Commitment to Excellence: Demonstrate your commitment to employee engagement and satisfaction

    • Personalized Attention: Prioritize your candidate/new hire with intentional invitations and thoughtfully organized experiences. 

    • Time Savings: Allow HR to focus on critical tasks, from recruitment to professional development. 

    • Convenience: Streamlined process with one point of contact for community acclimation. 

    • Increased Productivity: Let your team focus on core responsibilities while we handle community acclimation.

    Cost Savings Potential:

    • Reduced Turnover Costs: Lower turnover with increased retention. 

    • Avoid Replacement Costs: Replacing a C-Suite employee can cost over 200% the position's annual salary

    • Avoid Tangible and Intangible Losses: Reduce costs associated with loss of productivity, recruiting, training and more. 





    For employers seeking top talent, our Community Concierge offers tailored services to assist during job searches and when welcoming new employees. Our "Customized Concierge" level provides tours, lunches, and personalized experiences for potential hires, allowing you to focus on finding the perfect candidate for your company. You select which offerings make sense for your business and candidate, and we will take care of the rest.

    Customized Community Tour: $500 

    • Explore individual and family interests. 

    • Introductions to unique amenities, schools, local businesses, and community resources. 

    • Welcome packet and post-tour follow-up.

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    Coffee or Lunch: $125 

    • Personalized meeting with your new hire and/or their spouse/partner. 

    • Resources provided specific to the newcomer's needs and interests. 

    Three-Month Acclimation Service: $300 

    • Monthly check-ins for the first three months after relocation. 

    • Connect to specific interests, hobbies, or needs. 

    Accompanying Partner/Spouse Support: $300 

    • Assessment of desired positions for employment. 

    • Resume circulation or connections to Chamber investors and relevant contacts. 

    • Discovering interests for connections to hobbies, volunteer opportunities, and community engagements. 

    Welcome Basket: $150 (Individual) - $250 (Family) 

    • Local products are delivered to the individual or family’s home or workplace. 

    • Invest in a seamless onboarding journey. Elevate your employee experience with the Community Concierge Program. Ready to transform onboarding?






    At the heart of our program are the "Icebreakers" – our local community champions. Whether your candidate is new in town or simply looking to expand their social circle, our Icebreakers are here to connect them with local activities, events and like-minded individuals. There is no cost associated with this level or our Icebreakers, and we encourage our employers to make their candidates aware of this offering. Meet our Icebreakers and let the connections begin!





  • For Community Members 

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    Are you ready to make a positive impact on newcomers' lives? Become an Icebreaker and share your passion for the community. Help others feel welcomed and engaged by introducing them to the local gems that make our area special.

    Join our community of Icebreakers today and be a catalyst for vibrant connections. Together, let's make every newcomer's journey an unforgettable experience!



    Have you been living in Fargo Moorhead West Fargo for a while but find yourself wanting to explore and get re-engaged with all that there is to do? Or perhaps you've moved back to the area after some time away. This is the perfect opportunity for you to become engrained in our incredible community. Connect with one of our many Icebreakers and start experiencing your community to its fullest!

  • For Newcomers 

  • Our Fargo Moorhead West Fargo community welcomes you.



  • Contact Contact

  • Donna Heck
    Concierge Strategist
    dheck@fmwfchamber.com | 701.365.3420

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    What is the Community Concierge Program, and how does it benefit individuals relocating to Fargo Moorhead West Fargo? 

    The Community Concierge Program is designed to foster stronger connections within the community. It provides a supportive network for newcomers, offering personalized acclimation services, curated experiences, and connections to help them feel at home quickly. 


    What does the pricing of $3,000 per individual include at the All-Inclusive Community Concierge level? 

    The $3,000 investment covers up to 12 hours of customized community acclimation services throughout the first year, creating a white-glove solution that includes total acclimation packages and tailored attention based on individual or family preferences. Curated experiences go beyond the basics ensuring memories to enhance overall quality of life in their new community.  


    How does The Chamber assist employers in the hiring and onboarding process through the Concierge Program? 

    The Chamber supports employers by providing tailored services in the Customized Concierge and Premier Concierge levels. This includes tours, lunches, personalized experiences, and recommendations for senior-level employees to ensure a smooth recruitment and onboarding process. 


    What benefits does the Community Concierge Program offer to employers? 

    Investing in the Concierge Program demonstrates a commitment to high levels of employee engagement. It provides personalized attention, time savings for HR, convenience through a streamlined process, increased productivity, and significant cost savings by reducing turnover and replacement costs. 


    Can employers request additional services beyond the standard Community Concierge Program offerings? 

    Yes, The Chamber offers à la carte services to employees upon request. These additional services are curated based on specific needs and preferences. 


    What are the benefits of the à la Carte Menu of Services, and how can they enhance the onboarding experience? 

    The à la carte menu includes services such as customized community tours, coffee or lunch meetings, three-month acclimation services, accompanying partner/spouse support, and welcome baskets. These services add a personal touch, making the onboarding experience more tailored and enjoyable. 


    How does the Concierge Program contribute to reducing turnover costs for employers? 

    By providing a comprehensive onboarding experience and fostering a sense of belonging, the program aims to increase employee retention. Reduced turnover results in significant cost savings by avoiding replacement expenses and associated tangible and intangible losses. 


    Can individuals or families customize their acclimation experience through the Community Concierge Program? 

    Yes, the program is highly customizable. From personalized community tours to specific acclimation needs, the Chamber tailors the experience based on individual or family preferences, ensuring a seamless integration into the community. 


    What is the process for employers to get started with the Community Concierge Program? 

    To begin the process, employers can fill out the request form available on our website here. This will initiate the transformation of their onboarding and recruitment methods. 


    How can individuals or employers get more information about the Community Concierge Program or inquire about specific services? 

    For more information or specific inquiries, individuals and employers can reach out to us through our contact page on the website or by contacting Donna Heck, Concierge Strategist directly. You can reach her at dheck@fmwfchamber.com or 701.365.3420. We are here to assist and provide detailed information tailored to your needs.