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    Emerging Prairie energizes communities. We believe that as we weave the startup, innovation, and technology ecosystems together and move them forward, we will be able to maximize the region’s potential and see catalytic community and economic development.

    We started in 2013, telling the stories of entrepreneurs and startups. Our founders saw other areas of the country and midwest highlighting these groups and believed our region needed to do the same, so they rolled up their sleeves and started writing. As we began to elevate entrepreneurs we saw opportunities to make impactful connections and began creating events and programs to bring people together.

    We realized we were uniquely positioned to identify and address gaps in our community - leading to a variety of targeted events, programs, and initiatives over the years. We launched the Grand Farm Research and Education Initiative to direct and focus technology to solve agricultural problems. We established Emerging Digital Academy to create jobs of the future and address technology workforce shortages.

    Today, our startup, innovation, and technology ecosystems are intersecting and thriving, and we continue this important work!


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