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  • 2020 FMWF Area General Election Guide

  • The Chamber is committed to sharing election and candidate information to encourage civic participation in elections. We encourage you to take advantage of these materials and opportunities as you prepare to cast your vote. Though we don’t endorse candidates, we are dedicated to educating members of the community on candidates and their stances.

    Below you will find what is on your ballot, information about North Dakota’s statewide constitutional measures, opportunities to get to know the candidates and how to vote early or on election day.

  • How to vote

    Cass County

    • Mail-in/Absentee voting: Request your ballot at vote.nd.gov. USPS recommends returning a ballot at least a week before the election.
    • Early voting begins October 19 at 9 a.m.
    • Vote in person at any of the six voting sites in metro Cass County or Casselton.

    Check the Cass County election page for early and election day voting times and locations. Note: Voting locations may have changed due to COVID-19.

    Clay County

    • Mail-in/absentee voting period: September 18 to November 2: Request your ballot at mnvotes.sos.state.mn.us. USPS recommends returning a ballot at least a week before the election.
    • Vote in person at your polling location on election day.

    Find your polling location and times on the City of Moorhead’s election page. Note: Voting locations may have changed due to COVID-19.

  • Meet the Candidates

    Virtual Candidate Forums

    The Chamber does not endorse candidates for political office; however, we are dedicated to sharing educational opportunities for our community to be educated engaged citizens when they head to the polls. This year, for the safety of the candidates, Chamber members and community, instead of an in-person option, we will be going all virtual with our election resources!

    The week of October 12, we will hold five separate candidate forums for the legislative districts in the region. These virtual events will allow all candidates to provide opening and closing remarks, as well as answer prewritten questions from us, and live questions from you. Joining these forums is easy. Watch the eBridge or our website for a link to join live, or check our social media and website for recordings. We will post forum times on our website, social media, eBridge and evites. Have a question for the candidates? Email Katie at kmastel@fmwfchamber.com.

    Candidate Questionnaires

    We are again providing you with written questionnaires from the candidates. Check our webpage to learn more about the candidates across our metro!

    Moorhead City Council Candidates

    Just as we did with Fargo and West Fargo City offices, we will be releasing a video featuring our Moorhead City Council Candidates. Check our virtual election resources in late October to find this resource.

    All candidates will be invited to participate in their respective race resources; however, resources will be published excluding those that wish not to participate or fail to meet deadlines.

  • Candidates on the Ballot


    President & Vice President of the United States

    • Joe Biden & Kamala Harris (D)
    • Jo Jorgensen & Jeremey “Spike” Cohen (L)
    • Donald Trump & Mike Pence (R)*

    Representative in Congress

    • Kelly Armstrong (R)*
    • Steven James Peterson (L)
    • Zach Raknerud (D)

    Governor & Lt. Governor

    • Shelley Lenz & Ben Vig (D)
    • Doug Burgum & Brent Sanford (R)*
    • DuWayne Hendrickson & Joshua Voytek (L)

    State Auditor

    • Joshua C Gallion (R)*
    • Patrick Hart (D)

    State Treasurer

    • Thomas Beadle (R)
    • Mark Haugen (D)

    Insurance Commissioner

    • Jon Godfread (R)*

    Public Service Commissioner

    • Casey D Buchmann (D)
    • Brian Kroshus (R)*

    Superintendent of Public Instruction (Non-Partisan)

    • Kirsten Baesler*
    • Brandt J Dick


    Legislative Races - One Senator and two House members will be elected.

    State Senate, District 16

    • Kari Breker (L)
    • David A Clemens (R)*

    State House, District 16

    • Hamida Dakane (D)
    • Ben Koppelman (R)*
    • Andrew Marschall (R)*
    • Tracey L Wilkie (D) 

    State Senate, District 22

    • Laetitia Hellerud (D)
    • Mark Weber (R)

    State House, District 22

    • Michael Howe (R)*
    • Jodi Meisch (D)
    • Brandy L Pyle (R)*
    • Will Thompson (D)

    State Senate, District 44

    • Tim Flakoll (R)
    • Merrill Piepkorn (D)*

    State House, District 44

    • Joshua A Boschee (D)*
    • Karla Rose Hanson (D)*
    • Scott Wagner (R) 

    State Senate, District 46

    • Terri Hedman (D)
    • Jim Roers (R)*

    State House, District 46

    • Ben M Hanson (D)
    • Ben W Hanson (D)
    • Jim Kasper (R)*
    • Shannon Roers Jones (R)*

    Cass County Commissioner (Non-Partisan)

    District 1

    • Chad Peterson*
    • Lydia Tackett

    District 3

    • Jim Kapitan
    • Ken Pawluk*

    District 5

    • Marty Johnson
    • Mary Scherling*



    President & Vice President of the United States

    • Joe Biden & Kamala Harris (D)
    • Jo Jorgensen & Jeremy “Spike” Cohen (L)
    • Donald Trump & Mike Pence (R)*

    U.S. Senator

    • Jason Lewis (R)
    • Tina Smith (D)*

    Representative in Congress – District 7

    • Michelle Fischbach (R)
    • Collin C Peterson (D)*

    District 4 Legislators

    State Senate

    • Mark Larson (R)
    • Kent Eken (D)*

    State House – 4A

    • Edwin Hahn (R)
    • Heather Keeler (D)

    State House – 4B

    • Brian Anderson (R)
    • Paul Marquart (D)*

    Moorhead Council Members - One from each ward will be elected.

    Ward 1

    • Matthew Gilbertson
    • Ryan T. Jensen
    • Alexa Dixson-Griggs
    • Kristine A Thompson
    • Quindlynn Overland

    Ward 2

    • Laura Caroon

    Ward 3

    • Larry Seljevold*
    • John Bell

    Ward 4

    • Steve Lindaas*
    • Dave Anderson
    • Jeremiah Jones

    Clay County Commissioners

    District 1

    • Benjamin Hammer
    • Jenna Kahly

    District 2

    • Frank Gross*

    District 5

    • David Ebinger

    *indicates incumbent

    Note: Other races may be on your ballot for judgeships, district roles, school board and more. Check your state’s sample ballot for an accurate full listing of races (vote.nd.gov or myballotmn.sos.state.mn.us).

  • North Dakota Statewide Ballot Measures

    North Dakota Measure 1 – State Board of Higher Education amendments

    This measure would amend the North Dakota Constitution in regards to the State Board of Higher Education. Some of the noteworthy changes include expanding the board, increasing the term length of members, prohibiting consecutive terms and disallowing legislators and state employees from serving.

    The Chamber Board of Directors voted to oppose this measure as expanding the board will only compound the foundational issues the board faces. A one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work for such varying institutions that the board oversees, and the pool of candidates would slim to a concerning extent due to the requirement of only two individuals holding a bachelor’s degree from the same institution.

    North Dakota Measure 2 – Constitutional amendments approval process amendments

    This measure would amend the North Dakota Constitution in regards to the process of approving citizen-initiated constitutional amendments. The measure would require any voter approved initiated constitutional amendment to be approved with a majority vote by the legislature in the following legislative session before becoming enacted. If the legislature failed to approve the constitutional amendment, it would be placed on the ballot at the next statewide general election and would be enacted only if approved by voters again. Currently, after being approved at a statewide election, a constitutional amendment becomes effective.

    The Chamber Board of Directors has not voted to take an official stance on this ballot measure.