• The Chamber - Advocacy and Public Policy
  • About Advocacy

  • As the largest local chamber in both Minnesota and North Dakota, we represent our more than 1,900 member in the public policy arena and take stances on important issues based on what will best serve our member businesses. The Chamber is committed to providing opportunities to access our elected officials and engage in the public policy process to ensure our business climate remains strong and prosperous.

    The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber’s strong voice in the business community:

    • Serves the needs and represents the interests of the business community at the local, state and federal levels of government.
    • Provides a unified voice for the business community regarding key issues, development and growth.
    • Increases visibility of business needs through business input to the public policy process.
    • Analyzes and acts upon issues that would otherwise be difficult for small businesses to do alone.
    • Helps unify the public spirit of the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo business community and directs it into useful and constructive channels
  • The importance of advocacy

    One of the foundational pillars of our Chamber’s work is advocacy. We take our work in public policy seriously, and we believe it’s one of the best benefits of Chamber membership.

    We’re interested in the issues that affect our members. Our ongoing efforts on behalf of the business community have earned us the respect of elected officials and employees as a fair, consistent voice for balanced policy that both supports the business community and enhances our quality of life. We invite you to join us in these efforts!

    Public policy doesn’t mean politics—though it does often involve government. Rather, it refers to issues that affect businesses and individuals. This can be legislation, regulation, or even cultural and social movements. They are governing principles that affect all of us every day. We’ll monitor and work for these issues because we know you’re busy running your own business.


    A collective voice through an association like a chamber matters because we can do more together. With your support, we can work for you, for the community. We know that a strong business climate is essential for economic growth and prosperity as a region.

    By definition

    Advocacy refers to the activities a group engages in with the aim to influence decisions within political, economic and social systems and institutions. Advocacy at The Chamber is displayed in a variety of ways: engagement within and from our Public Policy committee, actively taking stances on critical issues, election education, encouragement of voter participation, and serving as a resource for information and connections to best serve our members’ interests.

  • Want to get involved in our advocacy efforts? Join the Public Policy committee, attend an Eggs & Issues event, or simply flip through our Public Policy Guide below. We believe that all citizens should have access to information, education and be actively engaged in their communities.