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  • The Chamber and MN Businesses Opposing Senate File 2 (SF2)

  • The Chamber and MN Businesses Opposing Senate File 2 (SF2)

    The Chamber and MN Businesses Opposing Senate File 2 (SF2)

    Dear members,
    Currently, Senate File 2 (SF2) is moving through the Minnesota State Senate and is to be heard in the Senate Health and Services Committee tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. We are asking Senator Rob Kupec of District 4, who is a member of this committee, to oppose this bill, in an effort to keep payroll taxes low and to protect small and medium-sized businesses from burdensome mandates.
    As a brief summary, this bill would establish a statewide mandatory paid leave program, requiring businesses to allow every employee up to 24 weeks off per
    year for paid leave (12 weeks of paid medical leave and 12 weeks of paid family
    leave). Like unemployment insurance, employers would pay into a state fund via
    an increase in payroll taxes to fund the program which then would provide
    qualified employees with up to 90% wage reimbursement. Additionally, employees
    on leave are entitled to reinstatement following the leave in a position with
    equivalent seniority, status, benefits, pay, duties, etc. Under the current
    language, the only exemption for businesses is if the businesses privately
    provide this benefit to their employees and the benefit meets or exceeds the
    state’s program benefits.
    The FMWF Chamber believes this bill would be detrimental to businesses across the state and especially the businesses in our communities, given our proximity to North Dakota.
    We encourage your organization to join The Chamber and urge Senator Kupec to OPPOSE Senate File 2. Given the expedited nature and gravity of this bill, we are asking all individuals, organizations, and businesses, please review the following letter and sign on below to oppose SF2.

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