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  • Leadership class announces 2020-21 Community Change Initiatives

  • Leadership class announces 2020-21 Community Change Initiatives

    Leadership class announces 2020-21 Community Change Initiatives

    Last month, the Leadership Fargo Moorhead West Fargo class unveiled their Community Change Initiatives (CCI) projects. These CCIs apply and reinforce the skills and insights gained throughout the program while allowing participants a chance to envision, develop and bring to fruition real and lasting community change in collaboration with others. Here are this year’s projects!

    Happy & Healthier Me!
    Kelly Edwards, Matthew Hallaway, Amanda Keller, Katie Mastel, Ricky Pallay, Jenae Ste. Marie

    Happy & Healthier Me! is an informational resource designed to develop a healthy mindset in our youth, supporting the success of their future and our community. The content in this resource, encompassing positive messages, suggested activities and helpful apps, is separated for those under and over age 12, who need a moderate level of mental health support. Copies have been distributed to various local non-profits and organizations. We hope the resource helps others become a happy and healthier individual! To access the resource for yourself or anyone who may need it, visit http://bit.ly/happyandhealthierme.

    Far-Moor to Give
    Chris Deery, Kat DelZoppo, Jessi Kappes, Kari Stenger, Kyle Voltin, Matt Welle

    Far-Moor to Give is dedicated to supporting non-profits and promoting sustainability. Our mission is to connect businesses and non-profits to recycle new and gently used office supplies in the FM area. Businesses that are upgrading or getting rid of office supplies or furniture can donate them to non-profits that might not have the funds to buy all their own supplies. This lets non-profits focus more on their mission and keeps these items out of landfills. Businesses and non-profits can join this initiative by joining the Far-Moor to Give Facebook group.

    GrandConnect FM
    Brady Blomberg, Kelly Collins, Katie Larson, Andrew Smith, Darin Underhill

    This past year, our elderly population has faced unprecedented instances of isolation due to COVID-19 hardships. The goal of GrandConnect FM is to give elderly citizens a way to reconnect with society in our new socially distanced world. The GrandConnect FM group decided to partner with the GrandPad® corporation. This company has created a tablet that is designed with seniors in mind. The innovative device comes with features for connecting with loved ones, without the complicated features of other tablets. The large buttons and intuitive interface make the GrandPad® a simple tablet for seniors who are ready to start video chatting and sharing memories with family and friends around the world. Various senior service organizations in the area have connected the group to individuals who would benefit from these devices most. Our cause would not be possible without the generous donations we have received from community businesses, non-profits, and individuals. To learn more, check out the Facebook page at facebook.com/GrandConnectFM.

    FM Pedal It Forward
    Gabe Bladow, Kailey Boraas, Jon Eisert, Alex Lacey, Chelsey Steinlicht, Scott Steinmetz

    FM Pedal It Forward’s mission is to provide safe and accessible bikes to children throughout the Fargo Moorhead community while education and encouraging safe biking practices. FM Pedal It Forward is creating a bike exchange program to allow families to provide safe and height-appropriate bikes for children.  
    Project R.A.I
    Kayla Christensen, Michael Detloff, John Holten, Troy Knutson, Kristin Nelson, Kaylyn Woxland

    Project R.A.I (Rainbows Are Inclusive)’s mission is to provide a safe environment for LGBTQ+ children and their supportive adults with inclusive, safe, supportive and developmentally appropriate programming. The event and network-based organization is focused on creating community for both children and the adults who advocate for them. We were amazed by the individuals who participated in our first event! One thing that surprised us was how much encouragement we received from the participants. We all left that night with smiles across our faces. That energy will keep us going with future sessions. For more information, visit our website at projectraifm.org or for upcoming events follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/projectraifm.

    Police and Law Enforcement Interaction Education
    Kenny Bartholomew, Audrey Charchenko, Sam Grantham, Donn Groth, Megan Strese, Dustin Ulmer

    The Police and Law Enforcement Interaction Education project was created with the goal to decease the occurrence of aggressive or negative interactions between police/law enforcement and the citizens in the Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo communities. The project entailed engagement of many parties to create an educational video with content developed by local police departments to be distributed to local driving schools, local school districts and stored on local police department websites as an ongoing educational resource. The video will be published in the upcoming months so keep an eye out for a great educational opportunity on how to properly engage with police/law enforcement.

    New American Community Connection
    Kellie Daley, Trevor Deyo, Alex Kizima, Ashley Parsons, Morgan Sabbe

    After listening to the struggles within the New American community, the New American Community Connection CCI group found a gap between services provided to New Americans and FM area businesses. The group set out to connect the two communities, bring awareness to these new members and establish better relations by hosting an event on April 1. The event consisted of businesses, non-profits and community resources to learn from a panel of six individuals involved in these communities. Two panelists shared their passion for helping New Americans within their job and the remaining four panelists shared their journey to the U.S. and how they have found “home” within the area. With 64 people in attendance, connections to jobs, schooling and friendships were formed. From this Community Change Initiative, the group was reminded how far a friendly smile can go to all members of our community.

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