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  • 2023 ChamberChoice Awards: Young Professionals Best Place to Work

  • 2023 ChamberChoice Awards: Young Professionals Best Place to Work

    2023 ChamberChoice Awards: Young Professionals Best Place to Work

    Workplace culture has become a major priority for jobseekers, especially young professionals. Employees want to feel valued and cared for within their workplace. They want to work somewhere fun, uplifting and flexible. AdShark Marketing is just the place!
    Throughout the entire 10-year course of AdShark’s history, guess how many employees have chosen to leave the organization? Only two. It’s clear that AdShark has been doing something right!

    AdShark has proven itself to be the 2023 Young Professionals Best Place to Work with their abundant employee recruitment and retention efforts.

    To advocate for its employees, AdShark has worked diligently to improve and implement employee benefits, career opportunities, profit sharing, team building, training opportunities, community involvement, flexibility for staff and more.

    Due to this business’s dedication to communication, training and goal setting – this team has various members who are climbing the ladder of success with each step they take.

    AdShark currently has three managers and three senior level employees who are all young professionals who have grown into their current title and role. Not only that - but 94% of this business’s employees are young professionals under the age of 40.

    This group is always growing, professionally and in numbers. The company continues to add new clients and expand their service offerings, really allowing the entire team to mold the direction of the business.

    Not only does AdShark strive to care for its employees, but it also prioritizes the community. In 2022, a group of AdShark’s young professionals helped create the AdShark Community Committee, a group that focuses on attending community events, volunteer work with and for nonprofits, in-kind sponsorships, donations and connecting with schools.

    It is clear that AdShark Marketing is a great pick for our 2023 ChamberChoice Young Professionals Best Place to Work.

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