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  • 2023 ChamberChoice Awards: Resilient Business of the Year

  • 2023 ChamberChoice Awards: Resilient Business of the Year

    2023 ChamberChoice Awards: Resilient Business of the Year

    Businesses face challenges every day, but what sets a business apart is its ability to overcome those challenges and succeed.

    This year’s ChamberChoice Resilient Business, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND), has demonstrated their ability to go above and beyond - to truly face adversity and rise above it.

    Perhaps this is due to their commitment to North Dakotans, whereas they strive to provide a new level of health and well-being across the state. Whether it’s an everyday meeting or a significant decision, the team at BCBSND always challenges themselves by asking, “How does this serve our members and the overall health and well-being of North Dakota?”

    By leaning into their mission, vision statements and six corporate values of integrity, effective collaboration, service excellence, constant innovation, responsible stewardship and enthusiasm – this business stays grounded to their purpose and decision-making strategies.

    BCBSND has adapted to a changing work environment and taken major steps to embrace this shift. This is proven through the sharing of their Fargo headquarters with sister company, Noridian Healthcare Solutions. This consolidation of space has not only led to reduced expenses, but increased collaboration and support between the two companies.

    Another significant, yet successful, change for the company has been the implementation of a long-term hybrid workplace model, whereas their staff can embrace change and thrive in whichever environment makes them the most productive. Employees report feeling happier and retention rates have increased due to this change.

    BCBSND has also implemented a plan to bring about a solution for those who find themselves facing rising medical costs while seeing limited improvements in health. BlueAlliance fundamentally changes the way we finance health care. Instead of paying fees for every service, this program allows providers to be compensated for care outcomes, which refocuses the model on the value of care rather than volume of care.

    By continually revisiting their structure and strategies, BCBSND has overcome many challenges and is equipped to continue to do so, all while preparing for an exciting and effective future, whereas they won’t let anything rain on their parade.

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