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  • 2023 ChamberChoice Awards: D.E.& I. Champion of the Year

  • 2023 ChamberChoice Awards: D.E.& I. Champion of the Year

    2023 ChamberChoice Awards: D.E.& I. Champion of the Year

    Cultural Diversity Resources (CDR) was established in 1994 by community leaders as a proactive regional diversity initiative in response to increased ethnically diverse populations, predominantly refugees resettled in Cass County. Prior to CDR, there were no existing organizations or programs that addressed both the opportunities and challenges that come along with creating an inclusive community that serves our growing ethnically diverse populations.

    CDR’s vision is to build communities that value diversity and inclusion, which perfectly aligns with the heart of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Award. Not only is it stated in CDR’s name and vision that they are a DEI organization, but it is also represented in their everyday work.

    CDR’s multi-ethnic leadership development provides local businesses and the community with opportunities to connect and utilize the expertise, skills and talents of our increasingly diverse workforce. CDR provides customized diversity training, as well as programs that improve knowledge, skills and self-esteem for individuals in poverty to help them gain jobs, become financially literate and self-sufficient.

    In 2022, CDR partnered with Neighborhood Development Center of the Twin Cities to conduct entrepreneurship training for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, also referred to as BIPOC. This entrepreneurship training provides guidance for starting small businesses in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area in collaboration with local small business associations.

    CDR works alongside community partners to pursue educational activities related to diversity and inclusion, such as diversity training for the general public, financial literacy education, bilingual interpretation, cultural events; and organizational capacity building, training and mentoring opportunities.

    CDR has been a key player in the FMWF area, being awarded and recognized for its excellence in diversity and inclusive activities contributing to high quality of life. CDR’s dedication to being Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive really shines, and that is why they are desrving of this year's DEI Award.

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