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  • North Dakota is on the map as a tech hub, and at State of Technology, we showcase the incredible technological advancements being made in our area. A lineup of companies and presenters share what new technology is revolutionizing commerce right here in the state.

  • In collaboration with and featuring U.S. Senator John Hoeven, join us to hear the latest innovations in technology happening right here in North Dakota. A full morning of speakers will present on the amazing tech being developed and deployed in our own backyard, and businesses will learn what they need to know to keep up in this ever-changing time.

    Spend the morning connecting with tech and business leaders, learning, and hearing remarks and comments from these exciting presenters:

  • 2019 speakers

  • U.S. Senator John Hoeven

    With an overview from our nation’s capitol and comments on the third wave of technology that is propelling North Dakota’s economy. John Hoeven was sworn in as North Dakota’s 22nd U.S. Senator in 2011, following 10 years of service as the state’s governor. Senator Hoeven’s priorities in the Senate include working to implement national policies similar to the ones driving North Dakota’s economic success. He is committed to creating a business climate that fosters job growth and robust economic activity. Equally important to the senator are measures to reduce the nation’s budget deficits and debt.  He believes a commonsense approach that fosters free enterprise and empowers people to innovate and invest will strengthen our national economy and create jobs for our country in a sustainable, ongoing way.

  • Emcee: Josh Teigen, Mind Shift

    Josh Teigen is a local business leader who started his entrepreneurial journey when he was in high school. Josh has started and invested in several successful companies, including Protosthetics, which grew rapidly and established international recognition under his leadership. Currently, he is the president of Mind Shift and serves on several boards throughout the state of North Dakota. Josh was named the 2017 ChamberChoice Entrepreneur of the Year and has been the lead instructor for The Chamber’s Young Entrepreneurs Academy for four years.

  • Seth Arndorfer, CEO, Dakota Carrier Network

    As we move further and further in the direction of having unlimited mobility and ubiquitous wireless connections, we may not always think about the critical infrastructure that’s supporting this activity. This infrastructure is comprised of wires, more specifically, fiber optics. DCN and its owners have more than 40,000 miles of fiber optic cabling running through North Dakota’s soil, which enables many of the connections our state’s residents, businesses and government access today. With fiber optics recognized as the premium connectivity agent in the broadband industry, it's important consumers understand why in an ever-increasing wireless world we still need wires.  

  • James Brown, Vice President of Corporate Development, Aldevron

    Aldevron manufactures biological materials, including plasmid DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes and antibodies, for the biotechnology industry. These products are critical for the discovery and production of many treatments that are in development and on the market today, helping cure diseases and address some of the most severe unmet medical needs. We will present how Aldevron is “growing cures in North Dakota” with the expansion of its facilities, workforce and innovative products.

  • Dante Battocchi and Holly Anderson, Elinor Coatings

    Elinor Coatings researches and develops safer, longer-lasting coatings to protect aluminum, magnesium and bronze against corrosion and degradation. They execute research contracts for a variety of customers in addition to commercializing products that they’ve developed in-house. Elinor was the first North Dakotan company to license non-agricultural technology from the NDSU Research Foundation and has successfully transferred three NDSU developed concepts to the market. Recent work focuses on advanced materials to combat zebra mussel infestation, research for the federal government and eliminating hexavalent chromium through the adoption of alternative coating technologies. Elinor is two-time winner of the SBA/SBIR National Innovation Award and winner of the sustainability award and national finalist in CleanTech Open National Accelerator. Elinor materials are part of the Materials ConneXion Library based in New York City, the premiere worldwide resource for product designers and engineers seeking the most innovative new materials from around the world.

  • Dr. Greg Wettstein, Chief Engineer, IDfusion

    Hear a brief discussion of the work IDfusion is doing and the challenges it is facing as it emerges as an internationally recognized player in addressing the cyber-security threat facing our country and the world at large. With an estimated 7 billion devices now connected, and the number growing, the cyber-security challenges posed by these devices are unprecedented.  IDfusion focuses on addressing the economic barriers associated with bringing security to these devices where functionality and time to market, not security, are the primary motivating factors for vendors. The technical accomplishments of the IDfusion team demonstrate that while innovation knows no barriers, the challenge to realizing the fruits of innovation require overcoming both industry and geographical business prejudices.

  • Barry Batcheller, Chair of the Board, Appareo
    Greg Tehven, Executive Director, Emerging Prairie

    Technology is disrupting nearly every industry. As we look to the future, there is no question that automation has the ability to support the needs of farmers, increase productivity, and allow us to feed a growing population. We will give you an update into the developments of the Grand Farm Initiative, an effort to power the world's first-ever 100% autonomous farm.

  • Peter Chamberlain, Founder and CEO, WalkWise

    WalkWise is a smart walker attachment that helps seniors stay safe and maintain their independence. After Peter's grandmother fell at her home in Williston and was found by the gardener, he knew there must be a better way to keep our loved ones safe without relying on a smartphone or a wearable. Just as smartwatches have revolutionized fitness, WalkWise helps walker users, families, and caregivers track wellness and screen for infections. Seniors can now take pride in their walker, caregivers can receive actionable information, and families achieve peace of mind. 

  • Jeff Young, President, Health, WEX Inc.

    Hear about the exciting new features and functionality in the WEX Health Cloud and how they are using technology to create exceptional employer and consumer experiences. Jeff Young is committed to delivering a high degree of integrity, innovation, and value in every WEX partnership. Jeff has more than two decades of leadership experience in software and the financial systems industry. Before joining Evolution1 in 2008, he was vice president of business applications – U.S. for Microsoft and was responsible for sales, marketing, and partner relationships.

  • Joel Honeyman, Vice President of Global Innovation, Doosan Bobcat North America

    Joel will present Bobcat’s innovation program and share how, The Studio, in downtown Fargo is one of the tools Bobcat will utilize to drive further business growth. . Bobcat invented the compact equipment industry and they intend to continue to reinvent it with new technologies, services and products to meet changing customer expectations. Connected machines, autonomous operation, smart phone apps, and smart job sites are all part of the future of compact construction equipment.

  • Keynote

    Dana Peterson, Policy Advisor, Research Education and Extension, USDA

    Dana will present an overview of the USDA’s vision to integrate next-generation technology into agriculture, including how the industry is changing and what challenges and opportunities are ahead.

    Dana Peterson serves on detail as Policy Advisor from Rural Development to the Research, Education and Economics mission area where she leads cross-department efforts to expand access to broadband and increase the adoption of precision agriculture technologies in rural America.

  • Keynote

    Joseph Van Valen, White House Office of Science and Technology

    Joseph Van Valen is a White House Fellow in the Office of Science and Technology and lead policy advisor for the administration on advanced transportation, which includes unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and autonomous vehicles. Van Valen will give firsthand insight on the administration’s priorities in these areas, which are increasingly important to North Dakota’s economy.


  • Join these presenters and more to be among the first to hear about the very developments that are changing our community, our state and our nation.

    The event will also include the 2019 TechND Awards presentation.


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