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  • Young Professionals Best Place to Work: Vogel Law Firm

  • Young Professionals Best Place to Work: Vogel Law Firm

    Young Professionals Best Place to Work: Vogel Law Firm

    One of the top law firms in North Dakota is also one of the top employers for YPs in the region, making them the 2020 Young Professionals Best Place to Work.

    Since 1880, Vogel Law Firm has enjoyed a reputation of integrity and success. Today, the firm has five offices and 47 attorneys, 22 of which are under 40, practicing in a wide variety of areas of law and serving a diverse set of clients. The firm’s core value reflects who they are and what they strive to provide: Excellence and integrity in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation.

    Vogel is one of few businesses that have an established career track to become an owner. Most new hires graduated at the top of their law school classes and are brought on with the expectation of becoming a full partner within five to seven years.  

    From the first day, they assign a mentor to help focus on professional development, to be an advocate, and a resource for questions. Associates often create niche practices by working closely with partners. They are invited to monthly marketing meetings to discuss issues and offer ideas. Young professionals attend strategy meetings and annual retreats. They serve on management, recruiting, and compensation committees.

    Tami Norgard and Jade Rosenfeldt present at Women Connect
    Vogel supports continuing education so their attorneys can attend national seminars and stay abreast of new developments in the law.

    The firm encourages attorneys to be involved in at least one civic organization, gives credit for time spent free of charge to needy individuals, and encourages its staff to take active roles in community leadership. They support local sports programs, non-profits, the arts and area schools.

    Vogel has been consistently recognized by the United Way as one of the Top 50 Most Generous Workplaces. They’re also active in The Chamber, with attorneys presenting at Women Connect and participating in the Leadership program.

    Vogel Law Firm clearly recognizes the powerful impact young professionals have on their ongoing success and supports those interested in becoming leaders in the firm. They believe in fresh and new-generation ideas, experiences and solutions in continuously advancing the growth and development of the entire firm.

    But it’s not just young professionals that Vogel values. They continue to draw inspiration from their early leaders who believed in the potential of others regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. Vogel Law Firm is a progressive, positive, accepting and nurturing environment for any individual.

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