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  • Women Connect Recap | The Power of Community with Karla Isley

  • Women Connect Recap | The Power of Community with Karla Isley

    Women Connect Recap | The Power of Community with Karla Isley

    Are you looking for ways to intentionally build your communities?

    Are you wondering how you can leave an impact on those around you, or make a difference in a way that aligns to your core values?

    Karla Isley, President and CEO of United Way of Cass-Clay, took the stage May 23 to share her secret to success with the Women Connect community, discussing The Power of Community. The Power of Women.

    Attendees came to connect and learn about the best ways to intentionally build their communities as women through professional networking and shared values. Isley presented The Power of Community. The Power of Women. to teach attendees how to uncover their potential to influence their community, touching on her personal experience growing through her professional life, the nonprofit world and volunteer work.

    The presentation was highly engaging, with activities that allowed the audience to directly apply Isley’s concepts to themselves while at the event. The main activity allowed the audience to look within and recognize their values. Starting with 10 values. And then five. And then.. one.

    Why would you want to narrow down your values? Isley explained, “When your values are clear, making decisions become easier.” Isley highlighted the importance of being able to recognize all of your values, as well as hold the ability to narrow those values down in order to make decisions based on what is most important to you.

    Another important piece that Isley touched on is the meaning of community. A community is a group of people living in the same place. That may remind you of your physical community – Fargo, West Fargo or Moorhead for example.

    While being a part of a physical community is important, there are other communities that go beyond holding the same physical location. Another definition of community is, “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.” Take Women Connect for example. The women who attend these events come to network with those who share similar interests and goals in their lives. “The power of your community starts with your foundation – your values,” stated Isley. The power that the Women Connect community has comes from a strong foundation. These women, who attend routinely, excited and truly holding value to the conversation, are the foundation.

    “Think about what your values are and think about the impact you can have on those smaller communities and that ripple effect to the larger community.”

    Isley provided the tools to bring action to go forward in the community – you can look within to discover your values, and you won’t be much farther from finding your power. Search for your values within yourself, the people you spend time with, and the organizations you serve. Open your eyes, mind, and heart to The Power of Community. The Power of Women.

    “I firmly believe when you know your values and know your impact, there is no limit of the power we can have together.”

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