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  • Vote No for North Dakota Term Limits - Measure 1

  • Vote No for North Dakota Term Limits - Measure 1

    Vote No for North Dakota Term Limits - Measure 1

    Under North Dakota law, initiated constitutional measures, initiated statutory measures or referred measures can be placed on the ballot for consideration by North Dakota’s voters. 
    This November, North Dakota’s voters will consider adding a new article to the North Dakota Constitution regarding Gubernatorial and Legislative term limits. An individual could not serve as a legislator for a cumulative period of time amounting to more than 8 years (2 terms) in either the House of Representatives or the Senate. Additionally, an individual could not be elected as Governor more than twice (8 years). 
    The Chamber believes that if enacted, this measure would present several challenges for the State of North Dakota. Many of our community and business leaders rely on experienced local legislators, with deep institutional knowledge, to advance key pieces of legislation. 

    • In the past 10 years, 71% of legislators have left or been voted out, meaning there is already a natural progression of turnover.
    • Nearly 1/3 of legislators will be serving in their first term this legislative session.
    • This would severely limit the candidate pool in an already challenging environment where numerous legislative races do not have opposition.
    If enacted, this measure would: 
    • Reduce institutional knowledge throughout the legislative process.
    • Shift power and influence to unelected officials and lobbyists.  
    • Restrict a voter's choice to elect their preferred candidate.
    • Impact the balance of State government.
    Much of North Dakota’s success can be attributed to the leadership, management, and experience of our lawmakers - past and present - from both sides of the aisle. Just this year, the North Dakota Legislative Assembly will see a natural turnover of longtime elected officials due to retirement, redistricting, primary challenges, and resignations. The Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce, after consulting with our public policy committee and direction from our Board of Directors, urges our members and citizens of North Dakota to VOTE NO ON MEASURE #1 this November.

    Chambers of Commerce that urge a “no vote” on Measure 1 include:

    • Greater North Dakota Chamber
    • Bismarck Mandan Chamber / EDC
    • Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce
    • Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce
    • Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce
    • The Chamber of Grand Forks/East Grand Forks
    • Minot Area Chamber / EDC 

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