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  • Valley Senior Services: Not-for-Profit of the Year

  • Valley Senior Services: Not-for-Profit of the Year

    Valley Senior Services: Not-for-Profit of the Year

    For some senior citizens, getting to and from appointments, keeping up with friends, taking care of a home, and eating healthy meals, can be a challenge. That’s where Valley Senior Services steps in. Since 1971, this organization has helped thousands of seniors each year in a variety of ways.

    Most notably, they manage our local Meals on Wheels program, delivering hot meals to over 1,200 people a day. In 2019, they served more than 250,000 meals across six North Dakota counties.

    But Valley Senior Services is more than just Meals on Wheels. Their mission is to promote independence and better health for seniors 60 years and older by reducing malnutrition and isolation. They also help clients find a sense of community by fostering friendships at senior centers, providing transportation services and connecting them with supportive resources.

    They do this through the strength and generosity of volunteers and businesses. Respect, sincerity, solution engineers, kindness and compassion, guide their staff, volunteers and supporters.

    As with many non-profits, flexibility and partnerships help them continue to meet demand. Valley Senior Services takes part in the Coalition of Service Providers for the Elderly in Cass and Clay Counties. They collaborated with low-income housing facilities to provide community dining options for seniors and individuals with disabilities. They partnered with the YMCA to create a Pen Pal program, as well as additional community dining options at the Fercho branch. And, the cities of Fargo and West Fargo helped secure annual donations that provide vehicles to accommodate the growing number of seniors using the Metro Senior Ride program.

    But that’s not at all. Valley Senior Services assisted nearly 400 clients enroll in Medicare Part D, saving them money by switching their prescription plans. And in 2019, their Secret Santa for Seniors program provided Christmas gifts to 150 low-income seniors.

    Illustrating their incredible community impact, one letter of recommendation said this: “I could inundate you with a mountain of statistics that show how VSS has assisted many people in our region. But, when you peel back the data and delve into personal stories, you will quickly become enveloped in one heartwarming story after another. Each demonstrating how VSS has truly made a difference. One individual at a time, for our entire community.”

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