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  • Small Business of the Year: Sagency

  • Small Business of the Year: Sagency

    Small Business of the Year: Sagency

    Sagency is a leadership coaching and executive search firm. The Sagency team is comprised of experienced professionals united around a mission of helping leaders, teams and organizations achieve their greatness. Their track record as trusted guides span across various sectors including healthcare, biotech, non-profits, real estate, engineering, construction, agriculture and food, and professional services.
    Sagency was founded in 2011 by president and CEO Mike Meagher with the belief that healthy, growing organizations help people and communities flourish. They have since grown from a one-man band to a small-but-mighty team of seven, with clients across the U.S. and even South Africa, impacting more than 300 leaders.  
    Since its inception, Sagency has guided leadership teams and boards to increase organizational health and growth. Early on, Sagency also saw and met a market need for executive search services designed to help organizations find and select the very best talent to drive their future strategy. Sagency provides leaders with individual and team coaching to accelerate growth and success. Investing in its own capabilities through various partnerships and world-class training with organizations such as The Hudson Institute of Coaching, Center for Executive Coaching, Team Coaching International, John Maxwell Team, Franklin Covey, and others. Sagency is committed to continued growth and its experience and preparation help them understand how to recognize and maximize the potential of others.
    Sagency’s staying power comes from their flexibility, relentless focus on bringing value to clients, and earning trust. Team members have prior leadership experience in Fortune 500, nonprofit, agriculture, healthcare, higher education, heavy equipment, and technology from local, national and international perspectives.
    The Sagency team lives out their core values of being curious, owning it, winning as a team, and earning trust. These values drive their day-to-day interactions together and with clients.  
    Beyond full benefits, employees are supported in taking time off to volunteer, participate in civic organizations, and continue their personal and professional development. Employees give their time to local non-profits and groups, serve on boards, and participate in charity events, many of which Sagency sponsors.  

    Because of Sagency’s purpose, all employees take part in ongoing individual coaching, training, personal development, and can do so in an open, collaborative and supportive environment. Struggles, effort, and learning are embraced as key elements of personal and professional growth. All employees have a voice in what and how they can contribute to the firm’s strategic vision.
    Sagency has strong partnerships with their clients and community. One example is how they partner with specific clients to design, develop, and deliver multiple custom Leadership Academies. These are one-to-two-year customized programs to develop and enhance leadership skills and create engaging and growth-oriented environments for teams. Over 200 leaders have committed to these academies, and clients maintain they are a key investment to move their organizations forward, enhancing productivity, and preparing for future leadership succession.  
    All these reasons and more is why their team can be your secret weapon, and why they are this year’s Small Business of the Year.

    Sagency Services

    • Executive and Team Coaching  
    • Custom Leadership Development Programs  
    • Executive Search and Leadership Assessments  
    • Strategy and Succession Planning
    Online: sagencytalent.com and @SagencyTalent

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