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  • September Eggs & Issues Recap | Behavioral Health and Incarceration

  • September Eggs & Issues Recap | Behavioral Health and Incarceration

    September Eggs & Issues Recap | Behavioral Health and Incarceration

    September Eggs & Issues Recap

    Rebuilding Lives and Strengthening Communities

    On September 12th, The Chamber's Eggs and Issues series played host to the business community, offering a platform to delve into the myriad factors influencing our community's capacity to effectively nurture and rebuild the lives of individuals in the FMWF area. Kicking off the dialogue was Pam Sagness, Executive Director of Behavioral Health at the ND Dept. of Health and Human Services, who provided an insightful introduction to the significance of behavioral health, accompanied by pertinent North Dakota statistics. The introduction underscored a fundamental truth: "Behavioral health is health," echoing the sentiment that behavioral health is an integral aspect of overall well-being. Sagness emphasized the equivalence between mental and physical well-being and placed a focus on supporting the full continuum of care, encompassing prevention and treatment, highlighting the need for comprehensive approaches. Increased community-based services were highlighted as a key strategy to address these needs, fostering a more holistic and accessible approach to behavioral health support.

    Jenna Mueller from The Chamber Foundation expertly assumed the role of moderator, guiding a distinguished panel featuring Dave Krabbenhoft from the ND Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Janelle Cheney from the MN Department of Corrections, Adam Martin representing the F5 Project, and Captain Andy Frobig of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office. Together, they engaged in a robust conversation about the importance of understanding behavioral health and the accessibility of post-incarceration services. Discussion surrounding the interconnectedness of the criminal justice system, behavioral health and homelessness was likened to a complex spider-web, per Martin's words. He highlighted the critical role of trauma in this cycle and noted significant improvements in the care for incarcerated individuals and their outcomes. But of course, discussion continued to look ahead to see what more can be done to continue improvement.

    The event provided valuable insights into the pivotal role of community employers in supporting their workforce's well-being. For example, Krabbenhoft emphasized the importance of empathy and understanding, urging employers to be aware of their employees' personal challenges, fostering a more compassionate and supportive work environment. Martin piggy-backed this claim, explaining the critical role of understanding and supporting mental health, stressing that without a comprehensive mental health wellness plan in place, long-term success within any workplace may be elusive. Collectively, these expert perspectives conveyed a compelling message on how employers can become invaluable resources in promoting the mental and emotional health of their teams, ultimately contributing to a more thriving and productive workforce.

    Looking to dive deeper into statistics and resources? Visit the following links:

    • Parents Lead provides support, resources, tools, and tips to parents and caregivers that help them provide their children with a safe and supportive space to grow and develop.
    • Community Connect provides quality, community-based behavioral health services to meet the needs of individuals.
    • F5 Project works to provide resources and services to individuals struggling with incarceration, mental health and addiction.
    • The Minnesota Department of Corrections Performance Report; The Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC), under Minnesota Statute, submits a performance report to the chairs and ranking minority members of the Senate and House of Representatives committees as well as divisions having jurisdiction over criminal justice funding by January 15 of each year. 

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