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  • October Eggs & Issues Recap | Unveiling the Future and Strengthening our Communities

  • October Eggs & Issues Recap | Unveiling the Future and Strengthening our Communities

    October Eggs & Issues Recap | Unveiling the Future and Strengthening our Communities

    October Eggs & Issues recap

    October 3, the Eggs and Issues community gathered at the Courtyard by Marriott in Moorhead to discuss three remarkable projects that will be shaping the future and making their mark on the FMWF community in the years ahead. These transformative initiatives promise to bring growth, development and a fresh wave of opportunities to the area. Have you heard about these projects?


    These three projects may have different scopes and specifics, but when you look at the heart of each project, you will see that the main goal ties right back to one The Chamber’s cornerstones: Community Enhancement. It is important that our community continues to evolve to meet the growing demands of our diverse region, and these three projects will all further define and improve the future vitality and competitiveness of our metro.

    The need for a larger conference center in Fargo-Moorhead has been palpable, and the FARGODOME team is stepping up to meet that demand. With plans for an expansive conference center, they aim to attract larger conferences and events to the region. They also have plans for a remodel with a focus on increased and enhanced accessible seating, restroom space and circulation space in the concourse.

    “When we look at it, we’ve got a pretty large segment of the type of events we do. What we don’t do are conferences – large conferences. There are a lot of conferences that happen in town but nothing to the size and magnitude that could be here. There isn’t a size that will allow to bring these larger conferences into town to further the activity and bring more economic activity into the region.” – Rob Sobolik, General Manager, FARGODOME

    The Chamber supports this project and encourages Fargo residents to vote YES on December 5. More information.

    Moorhead has been diligently working on a project since 2021 that aims to create a dynamic community center and library. The project is envisioned as a cornerstone of growth and development, designed to foster entrepreneurship and small business ownership. The project proposes a promising avenue for community growth.

    “This is going to be the cornerstone of our redevelopment. What community ever gets the opportunity to design and make sure there is synergy between all of the buildings and everything that is being brought into your downtown of 18 acres of space?” - Mayor Shelly Carlson, City of Moorhead

    Hector International Airport is looking to expand in a way that helps our community and anyone who chooses to visit. This expansion is meant to especially meet the demands of the traveling public with amenities such as additional concessions, a service animal relief area and a sensory room.

    "We believe the airport is a big part of economic development. It’s the reason a lot of businesses are here. We believe anything we do here to expand is positive.” - Shawn Dobberstein, Executive Director, Hector International Airport

    These projects are about creating vibrant, thriving communities for those who live in, travel to and are considering living in FMWF. They are also integral parts of a comprehensive growth strategy for the region, ensuring they align with long-term development goals. As they progress, these projects will usher in economic growth, provide jobs and offer new opportunities for the community. While challenges such as workforce shortages and timing persist, community support remains crucial. Engaging with these projects, being patient during construction and recognizing that growth takes time are vital steps. Together, these endeavors will redefine FMWF, leaving a lasting legacy of prosperity and community development.

    “Projects like this are what are going to allow us to be very successful in growth. This really is an exciting time for our region. It’s a really critical time to stay engaged and involved with all that we do.” – Shannon Full, CEO/President, FMWF Chamber

    Stay tuned for full stories on each topic in the November-December edition of The Bridge.


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