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  • July Women Connect Recap | Doing it Scared

  • July Women Connect Recap | Doing it Scared

    July Women Connect Recap | Doing it Scared

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    July 25, Melanie Iverson took the Women Connect stage to present Doing it Scared: Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence. Iverson shared her inspiring story of how she went from living her life in fear as a victim of circumstance to living in confidence and strength – taking risks, becoming an advocate for herself and others and becoming the leader she was meant to be. 

    While Iverson had experienced pain and fear throughout her entire life, she decided she no longer wanted it to control her. Iverson explained how, sometimes, you need to do things scared, because you won’t always feel brave. Women Connect attendees had the opportunity to look within and evaluate what they might be allowing their own fears to hold them back from, answering the question of: 

    “What would you do if fear wasn’t reducing you to live a less impactful life?” 

    Taking from her last decade of successes, failures and experiences, Iverson developed a curriculum that would transform and empower women to become the women and leaders they were always meant to be.

    You can seek coaching from Melanie with her new brand, Melanie Michelle Co. and her new venture, Empowered Consulting, a firm dedicated to courage, confidence and building community at melaniemichelle.co

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