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  • EOS - Entrepreneurial Operating System - A Q&A with Patrick Metzger

  • EOS - Entrepreneurial Operating System - A Q&A with Patrick Metzger

    EOS - Entrepreneurial Operating System - A Q&A with Patrick Metzger

    At the Chamber, our mission is to promote a vibrant and prosperous business community through leadership in public policy and advocacy, talent and workforce initiatives, community development, education and engagement. In order to enhance our organizational excellence, leadership and service to the community, Chamber employees are excited to be experiencing and implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) facilitated by local leader Patrick Metzger.

    EOS is a set of concepts and tools that has helped thousands around the world. EOS focuses on helping teams improve vision, traction and staying healthy. To learn more about the program and the impact it has not only across the world but also right here in our community, we sat down with Patrick to learn more.

    What was the inspiration for getting involved with this system?
    I’ve always been a teacher and a coach, and really have a passion for this type of work. To me, that’s really what EOS is: being a teacher, coach and facilitator. I have the opportunity to teach organizations the tools they’ll be using, I coach them through the implementation of the tools and processes, and facilitate the process and bring in an outside perspective.

    What excites you about it?
    The program excites me because I get to truly help organizations achieve more and be a true partner throughout the entire process. A lot of times, people go in to business and get so lost in the work that they don’t get to focus on why they went in to business in the first place. It’s great helping owners and teams destress and pull back from doing so much, and watching the entire team take on the ownership role.
    I’m also excited about EOS because it really does work in any industry and for basically any size organization. EOS has taken the best ideas in history, and combines them all in one program. I’m always excited to partner with the organization and go above and beyond to help with whatever issues are present.

    What is your favorite part about doing this kind of work?
    Definitely the people and teams involved! Every company has various dynamics and situations to work through. A lot of the time, teams don’t realize most of the answers they need are within their team, and they struggle to work through it on their own. I come in and know where to poke and what questions to ask to get people to open up. It’s a great feeling watching the process problem solve for the organization.

    What can participants expect?
    Participants in EOS can expect a very open, honest and transparent process that moves quickly towards forward progress. There will be a lot of brain power used on session days, and participants usually tend to feel a bit worn out but also very fulfilled and full of clarity.
    Participants can also expect proven results unlike any other program. EOS has been implemented in more than 12,000 companies and facilitators have led more than 85,000 session days. The numbers speak for themselves!

    What is your favorite part of the program and why?
    I have two – vision building days and the annual meeting. Vision building days are so powerful. This is when we all sit down and work on the vision and goals. I love helping organizations clarify their values and focus, and find their ‘why’.
    The annual meeting is a two-day event where we review progress. It’s powerful to see teams come together and take huge strides from where they started. We focus on team health and do an in-depth SWOT analysis. Teams always come forward from this meeting with a lot of confidence in where they are headed.

    What problems do you run into/solve?
    One of the main problems is companies trying to tackle too much – biting off more than they can chew. One of the core sayings in EOS is ‘Less is More’. We help organizations focus on doing less things really well, rather than doing a lot of things not really well.
    Another common problem we run into and address is organizations having team members that aren’t the right fit. The goal is to get the right people in the right seats, and to bring in the right people to fit the culture and values. This often involves playing musical chairs to get people where they need to be. We often find employees struggling to open up and be transparent. While this can of course present some tough challenges, companies generally understand this is in their best interest.

    What is the biggest benefit for organizations who go through the program?
    The program provides real simple results and takes the complexity out of running the business. It provides continuity, clarity and accountability within the organization to help it move forward quickly and to scale and grow to reach their goals.

    Why should people use this program?
    The EOS system is all encompassing, and makes it simple to excel. If the organization takes the necessary steps and works through the process, they are guaranteed results. The system is proven and bulletproof after more than 15 years of successful implementation.

    What can our members expect to see from The Chamber and Patrick throughout this journey?
    The Chamber is looking forward to sharing updates, recaps and takeaways from the EOS program throughout the following year. We will share important topics discussed, feedback and stories from The Chamber team, and what our members might expect to experience if they go through this program as well. Developing a highly functional and effective internal Chamber team is critical to our mission, and we are proud to grow, evolve and enhance our capabilities as a catalytic leader for the community.

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