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  • An update on our public policy and advocacy work

  • An update on our public policy and advocacy work

    An update on our public policy and advocacy work

    Thank you for supporting and investing in The Chamber’s policy work. Your ongoing engagement and investment in this work enable us to continue to be a catalytic leader and enhance Fargo Moorhead West Fargo's vibrant business community. We are proud to represent you and your interests at all levels of policymaking.
    Our public policy program of work centers around advocacy and education, and we have big plans in the works to further elevate our impact. Going forward, we will continue to be engaged in policymaking in both North Dakota and Minnesota, as well as federally. In order to further support our efforts in all three locations, we have recently employed a government affairs agency, Primacy Strategy Group, to serve as our on-the-ground advocates.
    To maximize our advocacy influence, we are committed to holding our elected officials accountable for their votes by developing a legislative voting report. This will further bring attention to which legislators are steadfast supporters of business-friendly policies. Our team is also dedicated to supporting employers who encourage their employees to serve as elected officials. Through a candidate identification program, The Chamber will present the business case for supporting these employees and provide preliminary campaign navigation tools to encourage business-minded individuals to run for office.
    Our Public Policy Guide is a staple of our policy education efforts. In addition to this publication, we plan to create a small business advocacy guide with resources designed to empower small businesses and individuals to use their own voice and experience to cultivate policy change. Other policy education efforts include our Eggs & Issues series, Legislative Preview Summit and Legislative Wrap-Ups. We will continue to host such events to educate and connect business leaders and elected officials.
    Once again, thank you for supporting and investing in the policy work we do at The Chamber. Together we are stronger.

    Public Policy Supporting Sponsors

    AE2S | Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota | Bremer Bank
    First International Bank & Trust | Moore Engineering, Inc. | Sanford Health


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