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  • 2024 Minnesota and Federal Legislative Priorities

  • In preparation for the 2nd Session of the 118th United States Congress and the 93rd Minnesota Legislative Session, The Chamber has published its Federal and Minnesota legislative priorities. The Chamber has prioritized the following topics as they have a significant impact on our community. We encourage you to advocate on your own behalf through learning more and reaching out to your legislators.

    2024 Minnesota Legislative Priorities

    Comprehensive Workforce Solutions
    • Continue investments in regional workforce grants and programs to support talent attraction, acclimation, retention and development of workforce. 
    • Continue investments into the K-12 educational system to fund categorical expenses and further invest in Career Workforce Academies to create a strong pathway of workers for in-demand fields, as well as upskilling the current workforce. 
    • Support funding for post-secondary initiatives to augment curricula, enhance student attraction and retention, and address tuition funding gaps. 
    Quality, Accessible and Affordable Childcare
    • Advance public-private partnership models for childhood and school-aged care providers to provide communities with affordable and accessible care. 
    • Create a sustainable and stable childhood and school-aged care sector through adequate funding, grants, incentives, training and shared service resources. 
    • Increase access to fingerprinting services in Greater Minnesota.  
    Building a Community for the Future
    • Dedicate funding to finalize the construction of the remaining FM Area Diversion Project’s flood mitigation infrastructure in Clay County.
    • Secure funding and enhance opportunities to support the vitality of Downtown Moorhead, including the construction and sustainability of Moorhead Cultural Mall project and the redevelopment of the Moorhead Center Mall area. 
    • Expand funding for the construction of the Heartland Trail project from Moorhead to Park Rapids.
    Business and Community Vitality
    • Enact pragmatic adjustments to the State’s Paid Family and Medical Leave, Earned Sick and Safe Leave and other employment laws to best accommodate businesses and address their concerns.  
    • Ensure all policies, programs, initiatives and incentives are comprehensive and inclusionary of Greater Minnesota and border-city communities, as to keep Clay County competitive with neighboring states. 
    • Evaluate the State’s existing tax and regulatory structure and implement policies and initiatives that prioritize the State’s global competitiveness, streamline regulatory processes and reflect a fair and balanced tax system.
    2024 Federal Legislative Priorities

    Comprehensive Workforce Solutions    
    • Invest in comprehensive and regional-based workforce solutions that foster recruitment, acclimation, development and retention throughout our nation, and encourage integrated and regional-based approaches to meet the workforce needs of employers and employees.
    • Enact robust and long-term solutions that update and streamline legal immigration laws, policies, procedures and processes to provide a reasonable compromise that meets the economic needs of the United States without diminishing national security or public safety.   
    • Streamline federal background check processing to address hiring delays in childcare occupations.
    Agriculture and Energy  
    • Advance policies, initiatives and programs to enhance and strengthen the economic viability of the Midwest’s agricultural and energy industries which support food and energy security and sustainability.   
    • Support provisions of the Farm Bill and other agriculture legislation that provide adequate nutrition; enhance value-added and sustainable agriculture practices; reduce burdensome environmental policies; maintain reliable and affordable financing and insurance programs; foster start-up capital; advance research, innovation and technology; and strengthen opportunities for major research initiatives in agricultural production, food systems and conservation of natural resources. 
    • Support comprehensive energy legislation that promotes access to reliable, sustainable and affordable energy; enhances “all of the above” solutions; invests in comprehensive research; develops essential energy infrastructure and encourages pragmatic environmental regulation. 
    Business and Community Vitality  
    • Secure federal funding for the Red River Valley Water Supply Project. 
    • Advance legislation that spurs continual public and private investment into critical infrastructure projects and ensures regulations are timely, pragmatic and equitable to improve livability, promote economic vibrancy and ensure public safety.  
    • Expand federal investment into programs, grants and funding opportunities to foster economic development and revitalization and implement policies and initiatives that prioritize global competitiveness. 
    • Establish predictable funding for Air National Guard Federal Tuition Assistance to provide units with a competitive recruiting advantage. 
    • Continue the commitment and fielding of (4) MQ-9 Block 5 Aircraft to the 119th Wing. 
    • Establish an equitable and sustainable equipment modernization path, to ensure National Guard Units have the capability, equipment, infrastructure and training when called to federal or state missions.

     Visit The Chamber’s Public Policy and Advocacy page for updates on the latest news and efforts.

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