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  • 2022 ChamberChoice Resilient Business - Noridian Healthcare Solutions

  • 2022 ChamberChoice Resilient Business - Noridian Healthcare Solutions

    2022 ChamberChoice Resilient Business - Noridian Healthcare Solutions

    Considering the challenges so many businesses have faced lately, it is a feat to simply have survived, but Noridian Healthcare Solutions has demonstrated going beyond that and truly thriving. This is likely due to its culture of being adaptable and resilient.

    Noridian’s mission is to enable access to medical care, eliminate barriers, and elevate people. It does this by developing solutions for federal, state and commercial health care programs through a suite of offerings, including claims processing, medical review, and contact center and provider administrative services.

    Values of constant innovation, service excellence, responsible stewardship, integrity, and effective collaboration are demonstrated every day by its employees and guides how the business is operated.  

    Noridian is anchored in purpose and its work is laser focused on the people behind the transactions: patients, providers, and partners.

    When the pandemic began, Noridian had a leg up as nearly half of its staff already worked from home. In under three days, the rest of the team was moved to home offices, and business never stopped.

    During the pandemic, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services relied on Noridian to get funding for rural providers. Noridian set up an advance payment system to ensure that these providers could remain open and continue to serve their communities. Several of them said that without the advance payment, they may have had to close their doors.

    Noridian was also able to use its call center services to assist the North Dakota Department of Public Health. The company used its already-trained and operational call center as a large-scale COVID-19 hotline to answer residents’ questions. Many even stepped up by answering more than covid questions and connected callers to support for housing assistance and worker’s compensation. The call center worked so well that the contract was extended through this year. And, the state gave Noridian the nickname of “hotline heroes.” As of mid-February 2021, their staff responded to over 105,000 calls.

    Another testament to Noridian’s resiliency is that when the company began in 1966, it was one of over 100 companies providing Medicare administrative services. As Medicare evolved, Noridian established a Medicare Administrative Coordinator to serve as a primary operational contact between Medicare and providers. Today, it is just one of eight still working with the Medicare program.

    Despite all the challenges the pandemic brought, Noridian continued to grow – adding about 100 employees in two years. Those employees have increased engagement, pride in the company, and it’s seen an improved culture index.
    Through it all, Noridian ensures peace of mind by always putting people and our community first.

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