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  • 2022 ChamberChoice Emerging Business of the Year - The Center for Plastic Surgery

  • 2022 ChamberChoice Emerging Business of the Year - The Center for Plastic Surgery

    2022 ChamberChoice Emerging Business of the Year - The Center for Plastic Surgery

    The Chamber’s Emerging Business of the Year Award is all about recognizing a new business in the area that is seeing incredible success with less than three years under their belt. And this year’s winner, The Center for Plastic Surgery, is a shining example of how a small business based on the principles of caring for others, providing outstanding experiences, and investing in state-of-the-art technologies can thrive.

    Its founder, Dr. Nicholas Adams, generated the idea in late 2019. Living in Arizona at the time, he realized the need in his home state for a new practice based on contemporary techniques and top-notch customer service. He decided to take the leap and lay down roots with his family here to build his dream.

    Launching a business in the midst of a pandemic proved to be no problem for Adams, who started with just one employee in a shared clinic and grew the practice to a team of nine. In just one year, The Center for Plastic Surgery established itself as the region’s only plastic surgery clinic and med spa run by a board-certified surgeon, exceeded revenue projections, outgrew its building, and positively impacted the lives of hundreds of patients in the tri-state area.

    While the team wasn’t sure if people would be ready for in-person appointments for non-essential services, they were floored at the reception from the community once doors were opened. Dr. Adams now has a four-month waiting list.

    The Center for Plastic Surgery does more than the traditional services for the face and body. It also offers reconstructive and hand surgeries, injectables, laser, body contouring, facials, and skincare.
    Adams attributes success to three factors: being a steward for the community and supporting those in need by giving back; providing innovative techniques and exceptional experiences for guests; and training the team so well that they could work anywhere else but treating them so well that they don’t want to.

    It’s clear that Adams has established a new standard for plastic surgery in the community by going above and beyond for both staff and clients and creating a personalized approach. The Center for Plastic Surgery staff treats everyone with the utmost respect, privacy, and concern. Adams even gives each patient his personal phone number so they can call anytime.

    Their big dreams don’t stop here. Adams said his team is motived to not only become the premier destination for plastic surgery and aesthetic services in the region, but to be one of the best-regarded destinations in the entire nation.
    The Center for Plastic Surgery is proof that despite the odds, with drive and determination, it is possible to start anew and find success, as Adams now cares for the region where he grew up.

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