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  • It’s time to embrace a metro mentality

  • It’s time to embrace a metro mentality

    It’s time to embrace a metro mentality

    As we begin a new calendar year, I look forward to our first signature event of 2019, State of the Cities. An event that has grown over the years in interest and attendance. This year, I’m particularly interested as we have two new mayors in our metro, which is bound to set a different tone and new tenor to the event.
    At The Chamber, we’re continuing to work in fostering the idea that we are a metro. And as a region, we stress the importance of thinking collaboratively together. For us to grow and prosper, we must embrace a metro mentality. The days of being divided by a river or the borders of city limits are long gone. Let’s rise above – because what’s good for one city or community is good for us all!
    What this means to me are cities giving up competing with their neighbors. When we work with barriers and parochialism, we’re doing more damage than good for our citizens, our businesses and our entire community.
    One way we help foster this mentality is by hosting the State of the Cities event. It’s important to gather our city’s leaders at the same table so they can share their visions, ideas and even challenges, in an open format. It builds relationships between these elected officials and the citizens they serve.
    Teamwork across cities will help put us on the national map. It’s a vital part of our strategy to attracting residents and workers and contributing to the vitality and economic development of our region.
    The FM Diversion is another example of an asset that affects us all. In a community where we all travel across cities to work, shop and eat, we have to be confident we won’t be devastated by a flood. An event that can shut an entire community down. Flood protection isn’t just one city’s responsibility; it is all of ours, and it’s a priority we won’t back down on.
    You may have heard, or will soon hear, about a new regional initiative that we, along with the EDC, will partner together on. An initiative with a major component of regional decision making, requiring this mentality be accepted our local elected officials.
    As you’ve heard us say before: Together, we can do more.

    Craig Whitney

    The Chamber

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