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  • Important updates and information regarding COVID-19 and impacted businesses

  • Important updates and information regarding COVID-19 and impacted businesses

    Important updates and information regarding COVID-19 and impacted businesses

    COVID-19 continues to alter the way we live and do business on literally a minute-to-minute basis. What this means for our families, our friends, and our co-workers is still being sorted out, of course, and will be for weeks or months to come. What we do know for sure is that things will be different once we get past this crisis. And, we will get past it.

    At The Chamber, we are currently still open for business, actively monitoring the situation, and sorting through the many resources available. We will continue to share accurate, beneficial, and relevant information for our membership.

    Government officials on both sides of the river have acted quickly to the continuing threat of COVID-19. Our governors, mayors, city commission and council members, as well as county commissioners, have made this their #1 priority. Both ND Governor Doug Burgum and MN Governor Tim Walz have formed teams working on the issue around the clock. We will continue to tap into what they have to offer our membership.

    Where does this leave your Chamber? Committed, as always, to the continued success of you and your businesses. We can do this best by postponing, not canceling important events and keeping you informed on the issues with helpful resources for you to utilize. Using online tools and communication will be vital for us to maintain the spirit of our business community. Looking past the crisis, rather than succumb to it. We know this will be hard, especially for our smaller businesses feeling real pain right now, but we will continue to do whatever we can to help.

    We are an organization based on relationships. Those relationships have never been more important, and we encourage you to reach out to each other during this time of uncertainty, as we will reach out to you.

    We have created a webpage to house all the information we have so far, with links we believe are most helpful to you at this point from the CDC, SBA, OSHA, and state and local agencies. This page which will be continuously updated with the most recent information as we receive it. Again, we will continue to monitor available resources, and stay in regular touch on our website, through further email and social media, with what we find.

    These are unprecedented times, and above all, our health and well-being are paramount.

    If you have any questions, concerns or resources to share, please contact us at 218.233.1100 or info@fmwfchamber.com, and we will do our best to assist and guide you.

    Stay safe,

    Tom Dawson, Chair of the Board
    Jim Parsons, Interim CEO

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