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  • Focusing on Our Community's Workforce

  • Focusing on Our Community's Workforce

    Focusing on Our Community's Workforce

    Dear Members, 

    This month's Bridge focuses on our region's workforce, which is by far the number one challenge we are facing. Our community, stakeholders, organizations and diverse leaders must continue to collaborate and bring representation and innovative solutions to the table. The Chamber will play a lead role in identifying a systematic approach and process that will allow our program-rich environment to be successful.

    As we look forward to the next year, talent and workforce will be a major focus of The Chamber. We will kick that off with our Annual Celebration on October 12, and I invite you to join us as we set the vision for the future of our organization and region.

    As you browse this month's issue of The Bridge, you will see vital initiatives and talent pipelines that are already underway and advancing our community, thanks to the disruptive mindset and courageous will of many. Although we are lifting up skilled trades this month, our workforce challenges and opportunities are not limited to one area or industry. To have a vibrant and robust economy, we must be able to educate, train, attract and retain talent in every facet of our industry-diverse landscape.

    I am very excited that Fueling Our Future leadership has approved an action-based master talent plan, giving us major and actionable steps to take to enhance our immediate and future talent pipelines.

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