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  • Workforce Development Remains Crucial

  • Workforce Development Remains Crucial

    Workforce Development Remains Crucial

    "Workforce, talent, jobs, shortage" ... we see these buzz words everywhere right now. Mainstream media channels are full of stories about hindered economies and the lack of a workforce. These are not just global issues; this is the number one issue facing our local companies here in our region, which is why it is the topic for this issue of The Bridge. 

    For those of you that attended our Annual Celebration or the State of the Cities event, you heard me talk about the significant priority that we will be placing on talent and workforce efforts over the next few years. As we dive into this issue, we know there is work to be done in four major areas: talent attraction, talent retention, talent development, and talent acclimation. 

    Talent attraction consists of intentionally targeting specific regions and industries to attract talent to our region, as well as strengthening our regional brand. 

    Talent retention will focus on working much more intimately with employers to identify opportunities to keep more of our students and existing workforce in this region. This work includes analyzing compensation, hiring practices and the culture within companies, as well as investing in our community/social infrastructure to create more opportunities for people to connect and thrive in our region. 

    Finally, Talent development will be a major focus as we work with K-12 to further arm our future talent with the necessary skills, knowledge and experiences to be successful in our local companies. When students form meaningful relationships with the community and employers, they are more likely to remain here in and contribute to our region. Other important talent pools to focus on include our new American/immigrant populations, recently released incarcerated, dislocated, veterans and active military, and women. 

    Talent and workforce will be a major focus for The Chamber, and we will look to you to engage with us in this very important initiative. We are already working diligently with the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, the Fargo Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau, our education partners, cities and counties. These strong partnerships, and initiatives like Fueling Our Future, will be critical to advancing our region.

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