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  • Where We've Been & Where We're Going

  • Where We've Been & Where We're Going

    Where We've Been & Where We're Going

    This month, we invite you to discover or relive stories and moments from our business community’s rich history. I’ve been in this community for over a year now, and am honored to have met so many great people, listened to their stories, and become immersed in our work together, but it is truly shocking to take a step back and visualize how our community has evolved and grown into the vibrant place that we call home today. What’s most striking is not simply the advancement of technology, but the confidence, dedication and commitment that businesses and individuals have had in our region. It fills me with humility and pride knowing how many great people we have living and working here, driving FMWF and our nation forward.

    I hope this also prompts us to realize how our decisions today will shape the future. Occasionally, we may take for granted our thriving schools, rewarding careers, new developments, arts and culture, entertainment, neighborhoods and more; but behind the success of our community and region are people making hard and meaningful decisions.

    Someday, far in the future, our community will look back on the 2020s as an impactful and critical time in FMWF’s history. The work we are doing today is truly bigger than any one of us, and will live on for decades to come. Seventy years in the future, our residents may not think twice about having a metro that is protected from the Red River flooding, but they will experience the positive benefits in many ways. Twenty years from now, visitors might not know that tax incentives helped give rise to the vibrant community they are enjoying and exploring. Ten years from now, our high school students may not fathom a world in which career academies weren’t always a staple in student education, yet they will go on to succeed in their careers and endeavors.

    The future will hold many new opportunities and challenges for our regions. We will need to continue to come together, stand together and invest together in order to prosper together. I look forward to continuing to work together to grow our community and region into an even more vibrant and prosperous community for all.

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