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  • Supporting Our Military

    Supporting Our Military

    We are honored to dedicate this month’s Bridge to the great men, women and families of our military. I was raised to have a great appreciation for the men and women who served in the past and continue to serve to protect our freedom and liberties. My grandfather served in WWII on a transport ship shuttling supplies back and forth from the U.S. to Europe, and his brother served in the Normandy invasion. I recall many stories that they would tell us about extreme conditions, moments of terror and devastating loss, and yet they would say that they would do it all over again.

    We have thousands of men and women who courageously volunteer to protect and fight for our honor. We are so blessed to not only live in a country with dedicated people like these, but we also have the good fortune of having so many of these individuals in our community. My husband and I have taught our children that whenever they see someone in uniform to thank them for their service, because we know that we are able to be together as a family because they are making the sacrifice that often takes them away from theirs.
    Please enjoy this edition of The Bridge, and we will see you this August at our annual Military Appreciation Night at the RedHawks!
    Casey Sanders
    SPC Thoemke, MNANG 134th Red Bulls, 2004-2010
    I am so proud to work for an organization like The Chamber, that supports the military and vocalizes the need to champion our local troops and trailing families. My role enables me to speak with many business owners and employees who have served or currently serve in the military. We often reminisce about some of our shared experiences and things we appreciate. I admire those organizations that remain dedicated to working with our military to support, engage and employ these dedicated and motivated individuals.
    Throughout the time I served, my eyes were continually open to different cultures, people and experiences. Even though I have moved on career-wise, I will always have an affinity and loyalty to my brothers and sisters that I served with. Every year during the Chamber’s Military Appreciation Night I am reminded of the sacrifices others have made to include families and communities.

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