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  • Posted: 06/07/2019

    Huge leadership opportunity in the Fargo-Moorhead Area!
    We’re searching for a new Team Leader (TL), seeking the best talent in the region for the opportunity to help us grow our Keller Williams Inspire Realty office in Fargo, ND. The TL role is exactly how it sounds, you lead our 140+ agents to success in real estate with a huge emphasis on continued growth and expansion through recruiting real estate talent. Our office serves the entire state of ND into Lakes country MN, and your position will be based out of our head office location in Fargo, ND.
    About the JSE Family of Companies:
    The JSE family of companies includes rapidly growing companies’ real estate, investment, new construction and personal growth industries. This spans two market centers for KW covering over a dozen locations in MN and ND, our mortgage services company, Forward Mortgage, our title company, Regency Title, our highly successful team, the FM Real Estate Team operating out of KW Inspire Realty ND. The FM Team is currently ranked in the top 3% of KW teams worldwide out of over 10,000 teams. We co-own a building that houses multiple businesses, including six of our own. Our custom home builder, Spire Custom Homes, is on track to double the homes built any other year since we began. We are beginning to offer classes through Inspire U, our coaching and training organization this year, both for Real Estate continuing education as well as personal growth and finance. 
    Our goal: to create opportunities for others to live the BIGGEST life possible by building strong businesses, focusing on enjoying their journey and encouraging each other to NEVER give up on the life you want!
    About Keller Williams:
    Keller Williams Inspire Realty is the largest Residential Real Estate Brokerage in ND
    Keller Williams is the LARGEST REAL ESTATE FRANCHISE BY AGENT COUNT IN THE WORLD with more than 900 offices and 180,000 associates across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.
    In 2015 and 2017, Training magazine named Keller Williams the NO. 1 TRAINING ORGANIZATION ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES IN THE WORLD.
    Since 1983, Keller Williams has grown exponentially and continues to cultivate an AGENT-CENTRIC, EDUCATION-BASED, TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN culture that rewards agents as stakeholders.
    Your role
    In addition to being on the team of the strongest company in real estate worldwide, you’ll be offered a competitive pay package with a strong annual investment in training and support, including to regional and national meetings to be trained and assisted by some of the best in the world.  
    This position requires the perfect blend of recruiting, real estate coaching and business development. Your focus will be growth, with additional time spent on training, leadership, mentoring and overall management of the ND offices.
    We focus on training…
    When you work within the JSE Family of Companies, you will also get all the training and mentoring needed to run a very high-level business that funds your big life!  Once you prove yourself in this position, the growth opportunities are tremendous.
    Creating opportunities and leading others to success is what we do! This is a very focused role, with some high demands. If this sounds like a role for you, we want to talk with you. If you have proven success in business or real estate and you want to lead a growing company to its next level of success, let’s talk.
    Thank you, Jeff Shipley, Operating Principal KW, and JSE family
    Who are we looking for?
    For the right person, this is an opportunity, not a job!

    • This person is a top producer and has a track record of leadership.  They have risen to the top of leadership positions in every area of their business, career, and personal life.  They are dynamic and highly impressive.  They are highly assertive, passionate, people-oriented individuals who operate with high urgency.
    • They have strong communication skills and naturally connect with others.  When people who know them describe them, they point to their energy and passion as their most dominant characteristics. 
    • Their burning desire is to build the dominant real estate company in their market.  They have a need to influence others.  They can prove this through demonstrating where they have used influence to recruit others, and through growth within their previous companies.  They possess a strong desire to have a position where they lead and influence others.
    • They are aligned with the Operating Principal’s (OP) vision to achieve the Keller Williams Growth Initiative Standards and Market Center goals. They leverage the tools of the Growth Initiative to perform the activities necessary to achieve the OP’s expectations of the standards for number of recruiting appointments, gross recruits, net recruits, and profitability. They also leverage the Career Growth Initiative tools to consult with the top 20 percent agents to set their goals and direct them to productivity solutions.
    • They naturally exhibit the WI4C2TS belief system in their dealings with others.  They are natural leaders who embrace succeeding through others, bottom-up leadership, and building a team.  They possess a track record of relationships.  They view learning as the foundation of their action plan.
    • They have at least 2–3 years of real estate sales experience and are in the top 5 percent of their office (or other business experience equivalent). They understand basic financial reporting (e.g., P&Ls) and how to use these to make the right business decisions.  They have extremely high goals and are looking for a vehicle to achieve those goals
    • Compensation: Depending on experience, base salary, bonus & profit share
    To Apply:
    1. Complete a DISC Profile from Tony Robbins https://www.tonyrobbins.com/disc/
    2. Send an email to jsefamilycareers@gmail.com with the following information:
    Use the subject line: Team Leader Fargo Application
    1. Cover Letter including how your experience & desire to win will help you become the #1 Team Leader in the North Central Region
    2. Resume
    3. Attach the results from the DISC Profile

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