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  • Posted: 11/07/2019

    Huge Leadership Opportunity at Keller Williams Inspire Realty
    Keller Williams Inspire Realty (KWIN) is seeking Market Center Administrator in Fargo, ND location.
    The Market Center Administrator (MCA) is a critical member of the Keller Williams Inspire Realty (Company) Leadership Team (LT) and provides both operational and programmatic support to the organization. The MCA drives the financial operations of the company while implementing company and KWRI tools to aid independent contractors to greater success. You are a key component in the retention of our agents, communicating the value and support available from within the Company and the Franchise, utilizing tools and data to drive agent success and growth. Overseeing financials, utilizing KWRI tools and reporting you help the LT and the agents understand where they are, where they are going, and what tools they can utilize to get there. Implement any system necessary to carry out this role as effectively as possible.
    You oversee the Director of First Impressions (DFI)/Office Coordinator (OC) both at the Fargo location and at other locations as applicable, along with the Assistant MCA where applicable. It is your job to utilize this staff to their fullest with effective education, delegation, and structure. Work with the LT always to foster an environment of communication both to and from the agents and LT, utilizing the Agent Leadership Council (ALC), and adopting ever changing tools as available for financial operations and agent success.
    PRIMARY LOCATION:  Main office, Fargo ND
    About the JSE Family of Companies:
    The JSE family of companies includes rapidly growing companies’ real estate, investment, new construction and personal growth industries. This spans two market centers for KW covering over a dozen locations in MN and ND, our mortgage services company, Forward Mortgage, our title company, Regency Title, our highly successful team, the FM Real Estate Team operating out of KW Inspire Realty ND. The FM Team is currently ranked in the top 3% of KW teams worldwide out of over 10,000 teams. We co-own a building that houses multiple businesses, including six of our own. Our custom home builder, Spire Custom Homes, is on track to double the homes built any other year since we began. We also offer classes through Inspire U, our coaching and training organization, both for Real Estate continuing education as well as personal growth and finance. 
    Our goal: to create opportunities for others to live the BIGGEST life possible by building strong businesses, focusing on enjoying their journey and encouraging each other to NEVER give up on the life you want!
    About Keller Williams:
    Keller Williams Inspire Realty is the largest Residential Real Estate Brokerage in ND
    Keller Williams is the LARGEST REAL ESTATE FRANCHISE BY AGENT COUNT IN THE WORLD with more than 900 offices and 180,000 associates across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.
    In 2015 and 2017, Training magazine named Keller Williams the NO. 1 TRAINING ORGANIZATION ACROSS ALL INDUSTRIES IN THE WORLD.
    Since 1983, Keller Williams has grown exponentially and continues to cultivate an AGENT-CENTRIC, EDUCATION-BASED, TECHNOLOGY-DRIVEN culture that rewards agents as stakeholders.

    1. Manage all financial and fiscal operations of the company to meet defined objectives, including implementing and running systems for A/P, A/R, financial reporting, agent payments, franchise requirements, and other relating accounting functions of the MC.
    2. Provide reporting and analysis of financials including office reports, production, weekly reviews, data for the OP calls, and other financial data as required to understand not only what the numbers are, but what they mean.
    3. Develop the reporting required to properly budget, track, and forecast results.
    4. Agent retention and growth-this makes up 80% of your job function
    5. Working with the LT, utilize the KWRI Growth tools to engage conversations with agents at every opportunity to drive growth, and aid in their implementation of related tools for success, including Four Conversations, CGI tools and others.
    6. Lead strategic financial decision making, monitor financial performance including break even day, complete weekly soft closes and close the books monthly.
    1. Work with the LT to develop and implement systems and tools to maximize agent productivity, company $, company growth
    2. Oversee office assets, equipment, and maintenance as required
    3. Implement systems and communicate regularly to help the LT and the MC to create and stay within defined annual budgets
    4. Maintain and/or improve on your education to retain your (designations if applicable).
    5. Constantly seek out ways to improve efficiencies in any area of the company where cost savings could result.
    Director of First Impressions (DFI) positions locally and at outside locations where applicable
    Act as a primary or second signer of all financial instruments as defined; take steps necessary to insure actions of employees and agents follow the objectives within the approved business plan
    With approval of the TL-implement financial policies, implement fiscal requirements; make other necessary changes to operations as deemed appropriate for the success of company objectives
    A clear focus on KW Growth tools, agent communications, on time payments and billing, and retention
    On time, accurate accounting and reporting, including seamless follow through always
    Successful management and oversight of a/p and a/r, and
    Pro-active approach to all financial related matters of the company
    Proactively engage (daily) in communications with agents to aid in retention
    Proactively manage all financial operations of the company
    Implement policies that will create improved efficiencies of company operations
    To apply:
    1. Complete a DISC Profile from Tony Robbins at https://www.tonyrobbins.com/disc/
    2. Send an email to jsefamilycareers@gmail.com with the following information:
    a. Use the subject line: MCA Application
    b. Cover Letter including how your experience & passions align with the position
    c. Resume
    d. Attach the results from the DISC Profile

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