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  • Taking a Look at Do Good Better Consulting

  • Taking a Look at Do Good Better Consulting

    Taking a Look at Do Good Better Consulting

    I stumbled backwards into working for nonprofits right out of college. And what could have been interpreted as an accidental misstep from my personal employment game-plan, I have found it to be an absolute blessing from day one.

    After being lucky enough to work for national and regional organizations serving individuals and families who rely on the generosity of others for financial support (and witnessing businesses of all sizes, and people of all walks donating their time, talent and treasure to), what I can say with utter certainty, that nonprofits are the lifeblood of our community.

    They exist to fill gaps in services the government won’t, can’t and shouldn’t do, and whether nonprofits are born out of frustration or unbridled enthusiasm to make the world a better place, these organizations, and their leaders, board members and volunteers who run them, are a force to be reckoned with.

    As this region expands, and the needs for social services and programs grows, nearly everyone is certainly affected by the nonprofits in our region. From animal shelters, to food banks, to special education facilities and disability advocacy groups, the nonprofit community serves those who are served the least.  

    Better yet, these organizations help individuals and businesses to make positive impact through charitable giving, volunteering and sharing stories of triumph they helped facilitate through philanthropy. 

    I started Do Good Better Consulting 4 years ago to help our small and medium sized nonprofits raise more money effectively and have more fun doing it. Figuring out how to manage the 10,000 things on their plates while working with a skeleton staff that provides critical services to our community is not an easy task. But no matter the size of these mighty organizations, they push ahead undeterred whatever their financial situation is.  

    No other businesses strive to solve critical social and societal issues the way nonprofits do. 

    And it’s a blast to be a part of their success, be there for them when the stresses are overwhelming, and to be a cheerleader when they are so close to making incredible impact for others.

    We’re hell bent on helping our nonprofit community and clients tell better stories to more people and position their potential supporters to ask how they can assist in making the world a better place. I think the fundamental misconception of how to fundraise effectively, is that folks think it’s about only solicitation.

    When in fact, fundraising is essentially sitting next to an individual who shares your passion for doing good, is aligned with what your organization does, and can envision with you a path to make a positive impact.

    Luckily, that skill is a teachable one. And we’ve found a pretty fantastic niche to help in that capacity.

    As every entrepreneur knows, running a business is not an easy task. The hustle, the grind, the sacrifice of time away from family and friends to ensure the company grows and moves forward. But it sure helps to have an entire sector of our community to look to as inspiration to keep pushing ahead.

    I’m often asked what nonprofits need to be successful from those looking to help. My answer is always the same: Time, Talent & Treasure. 

    Time, which is seemingly more valuable than money nowadays, to listen to an organization’s story, and to send a few introduction notes to individuals who may be able to help their nonprofit is priceless. 

    Talent, which varies on expertise or connections, to provide a member of a board of directors, mentorship of the leadership team or assistance with a program or service they provide to the community.

    Treasure, the most needed of all, in unrestricted and not-at-all-constrained capacity to organizations who need funding to pay staff, keeping the lights on, and other not-so-sexy but oh-so-needed gifts.

    Seeing the community step up to provide this to the organizations who provide a societal safety net for individuals and families in our region, is the best un-paid benefit a person could ever get.

    On behalf of nonprofits everywhere, thanks to those who give so generously and make our community as awesome as it can be. Even if you too, stumbled accidentally into the nonprofit world. 

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