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  • Small Not-for-Profit of the Year: Emergency Food Pantry

  • Small Not-for-Profit of the Year: Emergency Food Pantry

    Small Not-for-Profit of the Year: Emergency Food Pantry

    Many of us probably take food for granted without worrying about where our next meal will come from. But for those in different situations, the Emergency Food Pantry is there for those in need. It’s a small organization with only three employees, but about 140 volunteers, making a big difference.

    Founded in 1972 in a Moorhead basement, they know what it’s like to get through tough times. The idea of the Emergency Food Pantry was born in a college class, and came to fruition through the efforts of a college professor, Volunteers for Community Service, and the United Way. Ultimately, it became an independent entity relying on donations of food, dollars and volunteer time.

    Today, their main purpose is to provide a cart of food to those in need. But it’s not just food that they offer. You can also find them providing toilet paper, soap and diapers, and all with a high level of compassion.

    Three years ago, they received a grant through Vitamin Angels that allowed them to make way for a new program that offers free vitamins to pregnant and nursing women. This helps support strong, healthy development during the critical early years.

    The Emergency Food Pantry celebrated its 45th year of service in 2017. And, they’ve seen a 30% increase in the number of households served since 2013. They offer food baskets Monday through Friday. Each day they provide a cart of food to approximately 60 households.

    Each person that seeks food has a unique situation, but one common theme is their monthly bills are larger than their income. Many families come in when one small setback impacts their life. One recent family had one car and the parents worked opposite shifts in order to not have daycare. Living paycheck to paycheck, they often have tight months. Having to replace their car battery was enough of a crisis that they needed to choose between the car battery and food. The Emergency Food Pantry provided the family with a week’s worth of food to help them through their financial crisis.

    The Emergency Food Pantry invites you to the following upcoming events in which you can learn more about the hunger needs in the community.

    • August 16: Business After Hours
    • August 18 | 10 to 2 | Galactic Food Drive at the Pantry, 1101 Fourth Avenue North, Fargo
    • September 9 | 2 p.m. | A Place at the Table documentary at Fargo Theatre

    The Emergency Food Pantry is a food distribution program whose mission is to provide nutritious food and non-food items to all persons in need in Cass and Clay Counties and surrounding area. Their goal is to provide families and individuals facing emergency situations with one week’s supply of healthy food. 

    Want to learn more or help out? Call 701-237-9337 or visit emergencyfoodpantry.com.

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