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  • Small Business of the Year—Games Galore Party Rental

  • Small Business of the Year—Games Galore Party Rental

    Small Business of the Year—Games Galore Party Rental

    Offering fun for all ages

    Bringing an element of fun to events around the region and proving that games aren’t just for kids, Games Galore is the party rental destination for organizations or families planning their next gathering sure to be the talk of the town.

    They offer inflatable and interactive games, bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, a photo booth or mechanical bull, as well as banquet tables and chairs.

    They received numerous recommendations from area events and facilities speaking to the great experience working with president Corey Heiser and his team.

    Games Galore has been an active chamber and community member since they opened their doors in 2006. They serve customers in eight states and partner with various businesses, schools, fairs, churches, nonprofits and fundraising groups. Just last year, they operated over 800 events and partnered with popular local names such as the FARGODOME, RedHawks, NDSU, Red River Zoo, the parks districts and more.

    Recent expanded efforts include casino nights in the off season and inflatable winter carnivals branded “Fight the Frost.” The latter operated in the four largest cities in North Dakota in 2019, with all rebooking for 2020.

    Games Galore is guided by values of punctuality and customer service. Corey maintains that those simple principles have been key to their success. And, they continually investigate and purchase new equipment to have an inventory that is the envy of the industry.

    “Being competitive and driven, I look at each day as trying to win whatever is in front of us,” Corey said. “We want to do better than yesterday.”

    To make sure they serve the markets of their customers well, part of their strategy is to belong to associations that represent the industries they serve. Corey even serves on the board of directors for the North Dakota Association of Fairs and Events.

    They also believe in giving back to those in need. In 2018, they supported 82 nonprofits and fundraisers with contributions and equipment donations, as well as 270 hours of staff volunteering time in the community.

    “Our roots are in Fargo,” Corey said. “We support a lot of non-profits and fundraising groups. We believe that you have to, because it’s what drives our community. Without a strong community, Games Galore doesn’t exist.”

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