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  • Sandy's Donuts: A sweet community staple

  • Sandy's Donuts: A sweet community staple

    Sandy's Donuts: A sweet community staple

    With a very sweet story of success, Sandy’s Donuts is a well-loved gem in our community. Actually, that’s an understatement. We looove Sandy’s here, and lines are often out the door.

    This beloved brand is actually a family business. What started as one small mom-and-pop shop in West Fargo now has expanded its footprint, added a downtown location, and has a third south Fargo store opening later this summer.

    At Sandy’s, it really is all about the doughnuts. “We want to make a really great quality product that people will want to come back for – a product they will want to tell their friends about,” said owner Mark Ostlund.

    But while their dough creations take the cake, you can’t forget about the coffee! Sandy’s proudly serves Stumbeano’s in store, which they make with beans that are fresh roasted for them each week.

    You don’t have to make it to one of their stores to get your sweet fix, either. You can catch the Sandy’s trailer at Bison tailgating, or even order online. Don’t forget to watch for specials and fun posts on their social media!

    “We love our jobs and it shows,” Ostlund said. “Fun is one  of our core values as a business, and we want to make sure our customers and our staff have fun. We have a blast making new creations and bringing back old favorites.”

    Aside from catering to the sweet tooths in the community, they also pride themselves on giving back. Each day, leftover donuts bless the local shelters and non-profits in town. Deliveries are made to the New Life Center, Churches United, Salvation Army, YWCA, Dorothy Day House, Gladys Ray Shelter, Emergency Food Pantry, and the Great Plains Food Bank.

    When you’re in the business of selling doughnuts, it can’t get much better, and delight is exactly what Sandy’s delivers to the residents of Fargo Moorhead West Fargo.

    What can you look forward to in the new Osgood store opening this summer?

    The Caveman & Donut Statue will be inside the building for customers to take pictures with and share on social media. Like its West Fargo counterpart, it will feature a drive-thru; plus a patio! Oh, and duh, more doughnuts!

    Jeff Ostlund, Sandy’s grandson, is being groomed to eventually take over the store. He just graduated from NDSU with a degree in business management and is celebrated on Sandy’s social media.

    Did you know?

    Sandy’s Donuts namesake is Sandy Ostlund, a man who turned his love of doughnuts into this very business after losing his job at a trucking company in the ‘80s. Their website writes: “It so happens that the bakery in West Fargo, where Sandy lived, had closed down and was sitting empty. After some research the idea for Sandy’s Donuts was conceived. He borrowed a little money, bought some equipment, and started making donuts on September 13, 1983. It was an instant hit.”

    Fun Facts

    • 100+ employees
    • 10,000 donuts made a day
    • 80 donut varieties
    • 150 deliveries a day with 6 vehicles
    • 160 tons of flour, 78 tons of sugar, 91 tons of donut fry, 47 tons of chocolate and 12 tons of Bavarian Cream used each year
    • Most popular donuts: Glazed and light chocolate iced donuts followed by Bavarian cream filled bismarcks

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