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  • Moorhead Special Election 2019 Information

  • Moorhead Special Election 2019 Information

    Moorhead Special Election 2019 Information

    Moorhead, Minnesota, is holding a special election on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, for the following purposes:

    • Moorhead Area Public Schools/Independent School District 152 bond referendum
    • Filling one vacant City Council seat in each of Wards 3 and 4
    Ward 3 City Council candidates include: John Bell, Troy Krabbenhoft, Edwin Hahn, Larry Seljevold, and Brent Behm. Ward 4 City Council candidates include: Eric Smith, Ryan Larson, James McKinstra, Swede Stelzer, Marc Hedlund, Jeremiah Jones, and Steve Lindaas.

    The Chamber does not endorse candidates, but we do want to spread educational information to help our members and the public make informed decisions when heading to the polls. We reached out to all candidates in this election and invited them to submit an answer to the following question:
    What will be your top priority if elected, and how will you advocate for the issue to have a measurable impact? Please include makes you qualified to solve this problem.

    We received the below responses from the candidates listed below. As others respond, we will add their comments here.
    Ward 3

    Troy Krabbenhoft

    My priority if elected will be to promote a culture that welcomes new business’ to Moorhead. As a proud, lifelong Moorhead resident, I will have that discussion with prospective business owners. This wonderful city needs more destinations, and less reasons to spend our money on the other side of the river. I have the innate ability to negotiate and lead because of my careers in both the military, and in real estate. I collaborate everyday to reach a business deal and am excited to prove myself to the amazing people of city government.

    Edwin Hahn
    (218) 686-3970 mobile

    To revitalize Downtown, we need a core, pedestrian friendly main street. How: With citizens, city leaders, local business, commercial developers, and non-profits, facilitate a downtown development task force. Goal: 3 FOR 3 - Implement 3 pedestrian features, 3 destination businesses, and unlock $3M in pilot beautification projects from State Legislature by 2022.

    Edwin is a change agent. He connects government, business, and non-profits for the greater good. Edwin has forged business relationships with leaders in China, Japan, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, and the United States. He is a passionate creator, launching over 900 new products, four start-ups and two non-profits.

    Brent Behm

    My top priority is the revitalization of the downtown area. There are currently many plans underway to redevelop the downtown area of Moorhead. I am well prepared to provide insight, ideas and oversight to such development. The solution to this issue will certainly be complicated, however my extensive experience in design, architecture and planning have equipped me to be a strong asset and community advocate for the progress and completion of this work.


    Ward 4

    Ryan Larson

    If elected my top priority would be voting with the people’s voice in mind on how our tax dollars are being utilized and how our city services meet our growing community needs. Visiting with residents and sending out surveys to local businesses are a few ways I plan on engaging our community. As our city continues to update our vibrant downtown area, we must embrace our local businesses new and old. I have worked in and around the construction industry for the past 21 years on both city improvement and residential projects in Moorhead. Thank you!

    James McKinstra

    My top priority, if elected, will be to be a consistent and learned advocate for those that are in poverty and single adults, families, seniors and children that are struggling to buy food, pay for heat, and maintain shelter and safety. One way that this can have a measurable impact is in the 2020 census and look at numbers compared to 2010 or 2000 and see where Moorhead ranks in terms of its citizens that are in poverty or near poverty.

    Swede Stelzer

    My top priority will be two-way communication between council and staff, similar to the “committee-of-the-whole” meetings that were scheduled on the off-week of council meetings. To extend communication were the annual Chamber hosted inter-governmental retreats held at Detroit Lakes with leaders and appropriate department heads of Clay County, ISD-152, City of Moorhead and Chamber and the media in attendance. I will advocate for open discussion of all issues on the city council agenda, whether it requires specific council action or on the consent agenda. I have spent my professional career communicating and being “transparent” with all the stakeholders involved.

    Marc Hedlund

    Economical development. To keep up with the growth of Fargo, we need to be competitive with our business growth. We need to continue to support the businesses that are here, as well as show new businesses that Moorhead is the place to be. Amenities in a city bring residents who want to live in those cities. Working in real estate and real estate development, I have a great grasp on what neighborhoods want and need in order to be desirable. I have also developed great relationships with builders, developers and business owners in this community.

    Steve Lindaas
    Facebook: Steve Lindaas for Moorhead

    Our city is facing issues that affect our homes, businesses, roads, and recreation areas that are due to a changing climate and shifting weather patterns. Recognizing and addressing long-term planning challenges is fiscally responsible, and crucial from a development perspective. I would advocate for guidelines to allow sustainable development now and into the future. As a scientist, I know how to approach complex problems, break them into more manageable pieces, and find workable solutions. As an educator, I embrace diversity and am well-practiced in listening to others to identify issues and finding ways to work together to reach solutions.  


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