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  • Member Spotlight - Off Color Media

  • Member Spotlight - Off Color Media

    Member Spotlight - Off Color Media

    Briefly share your company history, how you’ve grown throughout the years and what your business offers today.
    We really started in the event space, producing event recap videos, concerts, festivals, and touring gigs. Fast forward to today, we now have five full-time employees and have worked with four fortune 500 companies. Our growth strategy remains the same: develop quality connections with meaningful thought leaders in the industries we are looking to move into. We are hyper-intentional about the people we partner with, basing everything off of our value system. We also realize we are not experts at everything in life, so we find some awesome partners to help us in those areas! We now offer the highest quality video production available, as well as a beautiful way to deliver that content: social media ad campaign creation and management.  
    How many employees do you have? 
    We currently have five full-time employees!
    What do you believe sets you apart? 
    We offer the highest-quality video production available, with the ability to show the impact of the project. Also, our ode to our #1 core value: “Unbridled Creativity.” We will produce the most creative piece that absolutely delivers the mission. Cookie cutter or status quo is so far from in our vocabulary, that it doesn’t even exist. 
    What values are most important to Off Color Media? 
    1. Unbridled Creativity 
    2. You First 
    3. Cultivating Communities 
    4. One Thing
    Are there any initiatives your company is focusing on right now?
    We are focusing on each and every team member we have right now, and how we can make them a better person, community member, friend, and more. We focus on making everyone the best version of themselves. Adding new work skills is a far second priority.
    What’s most rewarding about your work?
    It is rewarding to see our clients grow and succeed, to be a part of that journey, and to share victories with the people who share our values and goals! Enjoying life's riches is only meaningful to us when we are surrounded with the people we love and care about. 
    How else is Off Color involved in the community?
    We encourage our employees to take part in local organizations that will better our communities and themselves. Taking Dale Carnegie courses, learning personal skills, mentoring in nonprofit organizations, and finding ways to become leaders in all aspects of their lives.
    What do you like best about doing business in FMWF?
    “This area has the small town feel but the big city opportunities that allow a business like ours to grow. The PEOPLE! The people here are the best that I’ve found in the entire country. In my time spent touring 48 states and Canada with music artist NF, and my hundreds of flights, I always come back here. Time and time again it’s because of the amazing people. They are so accepting and willing to help, listen, and cheer you on,” says Owner/CEO Jay Evans.
    What’s a surprising or fun fact about your company?
    We are one of three companies in North Dakota that own a RED Digital Cinema camera, which are prominently used to film Hollywood blockbuster movies.
    What goals do you have as a company going forward? What can the community expect to see from you?
    Our main goal is to get more involved in every way we can. We want to be thought leaders and become individuals that leave a massive impact on this region. Not just by our work, but by changing lives along the way with our thoughts and actions. If we can inspire one person to take control of their life, or take that chance, or get introduced to someone who can change their life, then we will have been successful. Not only leaving our legacy but helping others do the same. The community can expect to see us continuing to push the boundaries of creativity while making the Upper Midwest known for creativity and innovation. 
    We are so grateful for everything that this community has done for us by believing in us and giving us an opportunity. We are so excited for what the future has in store and can’t wait to keep leaving our mark! 
    What is one thing you most want our area or other Chamber members to know about you?
    Off Color Media is driving to make the FMWF area known for creativity and the forefront of the Digital Marketing game. 

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