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  • Member Spotlight: Centre for Hair & Wellness

  • Member Spotlight: Centre for Hair & Wellness

    Member Spotlight: Centre for Hair & Wellness

    What does Centre for Hair & Wellness do and why do you do it? History?
    Established in 1983, Centre for Hair & Wellness is a full-service salon that focuses on making you feel comfortable and confident.
    My perspective on hair and beauty expanded greatly in 1990 when a woman came to me for help after losing her hair due to chemotherapy. Hair loss is devastating. I was able to find her a natural-looking wig that made her feel so much better about herself.
    Ever since, I've been helping both women and men look better and feel great. Whether their hair loss is due to chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia areata, trichotillomania or just plain thinning hair, the Centre for Hair offers a range of solutions to overcome the pain and embarrassment.

    What sets the Centre for Hair & Wellness apart?
    We work closely with each of our clients to find the right hairpiece that looks and feels natural, as well as fits their lifestyle and budget. There are many options for clients, including human and manmade hair, length and style, the quality of the hair and the base itself. Many of our wigs are custom-ordered to the client's unique measurements, then cut, colored and styled to make them look exactly as they want.
    Consultations are free and our facilities are discreet and private, which encourages clients to ask all of their questions.

    Upcoming plans
    Over the years, I have worked with several initiatives to help cancer patients, and others facing personal challenges, regain the natural look that their illness has taken away from them. For example, we are offering a free monthly class to help women cope with the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows, which often accompanies overall hair loss. We'll teach them to apply makeup for a totally natural look. Give us a call to find out the time and location.

    What do you like best about belonging to The Chamber and doing business in Moorhead-Fargo-West Fargo?
    I love the network of professionals I meet through The Chamber, along with the classes and events they connect me with. This is the perfect-sized city in which to do business. The people are great! They care about each other and take care of one another.

    What is one thing you want other chamber and community members to know about you?
    I care. Every woman and man who comes here is unique. I take the time to listen and to understand what will make them regain their confidence and feel whole again.

    Violet Deilk, Owner of Centre for Hair & Wellness

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