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  • Guest post: Bringing the Hallmark spirit to holiday giving this season

  • Guest post: Bringing the Hallmark spirit to holiday giving this season

    Guest post: Bringing the Hallmark spirit to holiday giving this season

    By Patrick Kirby,
    Do Good Better Consulting

    Traditions are a great way to ramp up excitement for the holiday season. Whether you choose setting up a tree, baking cookies or binge watching the Hallmark channel and their extensive collection of guy/gal-comes-back-to-small-town-and-finds-love-with-person-they-knew-in-high-school movies, there is something about this time of year that feels wonderful.

    Donating to non-profits is one of those end-of-year traditions that make this community so amazing.

    This year, however, is different. Currently, there is a sense of urgency, extensive need, and opportunity to make massive impact to organizations of all sizes with your generous gifts.

    Typically, a significant amount of annual revenue is brought in by nonprofits during the fourth quarter – most relying on direct mail, online solicitations, some events and appealing to the spirit of giving from individuals and businesses during the holidays.

    COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into this traditional plan, and we, as a community, need to step up. With programs and employees to critical to fund, these organizations look to private individuals to help close the financial gaps as the needs continue to grow.

    The Set Up
    What would a Hallmark movie do in a situation we find ourselves in? First, establish a list of troubles that need to be overcome and set the table for the happiest possible end.

    Non-profits serve such a critical role in our community, providing services the government can’t, shouldn’t or won’t do.

    • They provide shelter and comfort for those who are homeless.
    • They provide food and basic needs for families who are silently struggling.
    • They provide programming and the gift of independence to individuals with developmental disabilities or delays.
    • They provide forever homes for animals who have no where else to go.
    • They provide services for the elderly, the lonely and ostracized.

    Without non-profit groups serving our community, the responsibility of caring for others would fall on our collective shoulders.

    What an incredible opportunity for businesses and individuals alike to step up in a major way to ease the financial burden of these amazing organizations doing good for others!

    Cue the sappy music!

    Finding Non-profit True Love
    There’s always a final scene in the Hallmark movies where the happy couple, after missed opportunities, miscommunication and clarity from the type-cast funny friend who just wants everyone to be happy, end up slow dancing in front of lights at a party, ice skating rink or community event.

    What are the chances your business or leadership team – finding a non-profit to fall in love with this year – could be that happy couple? It’s a 100% chance in the movies. We don’t see why it can’t be 100% in real life!

    We constantly communicate with our clients that it is not about the non-profits’ need to have, but rather the donor’s need to give that matters most. So look to your mission statement and company values to match with an organization that aligns well with your business.

    Look to your employees to find who they are passionate about. Look to their suggestions on what non-profits have needs to fill that also fill your bucket. There are plenty of groups looking for a dance partner this year.

    Once you find a non-profit that feels great to be involved in, your gifts of time, talent and treasure will make YOU feel great by being intimately involved in the impact they make to the community.

    Make Some Magic
    Regardless of what size of involvement you invest in a nonprofit this year, know that it will be so incredibly appreciated. These organizations can’t wait to tell their story of how they started, how they are growing and how they plan to make the community a better place to live.

    What a great gift to give during a time where it is needed more than ever.

    Your generosity will be exponentially cherished by those on the front lines this holiday season.

    And you can be the star of your own feel-good Hallmark movie plot.

    Except the impact, especially this year, is undeniably real.

    About the author
    Patrick Kirby is the Founder of Do Good Better Consulting, author of the Amazon bestseller Fundraise Awesomer! A Practical Guide to Staying Sane While Doing Good, host of The Official Do Good Better Podcast, and a believer that “we’ve always done it this way” is the most dangerous phrase in the English language.

    Patrick has spent nearly 15 years working as a fundraiser in the nonprofit industry, for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and strives to ‘Do Good Better’ every day. From organizing $10,000 cure walks to $1 million galas, Patrick’s passion lies in creating creative solutions to make fundraising less boring.

    Patrick married out of his league to his wife Shannon, has three ridiculously adorable children named Spencer, Preston and Willow, a chunky dog named Grover, and lives in West Fargo.

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