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  • Eggs & Issues Parks and Recreation Recap

  • Eggs & Issues Parks and Recreation Recap

    Eggs & Issues Parks and Recreation Recap

    On Tuesday, August 3, we hosted an Eggs & Issues session focused on parks and recreation in our community. Attendees heard from Paul Taylor, Interim Director of the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department, followed by a panel of local parks and recreation officials and leaders, and members of the business community who operate in this space.

    Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo all provided updates on the importance of parks and recreation, and what the future looks like.

    Dave Leker, Executive Director of the Fargo Park District, discussed the many plans to create spaces that families want to visit, even in the winter months. Plans are underway to revitalize parks in core neighborhoods, such as Island Park and Lindenwood.
    They’re also preparing for the future with the Fargo Sports Complex project and the recent construction of Broadway Square in Downtown Fargo. Leker encouraged involvement from businesses and the community alike. There are many events and activities available – find the one that best relates to your business, and take the opportunity to partner up.

    Holly Heitkamp, Director of the Moorhead Parks Department, noted that people want to be in a place where they can live, work and play. Parks are an extremely important part of why people decide to move to an area. Businesses also have an opportunity to help advance the parks by sponsoring events and creating an extra level of excitement to draw people to the area. It’s important to note that “free” events are not free to the park district, so business sponsorship is very beneficial.
    Heitkamp also noted that individuals and businesses can get involved. Rivers, parks and roadside areas can all be adopted, which is very important for the appearance of the community – and, it’s a great way to bring your staff together to volunteer to clean up!

    West Fargo
    Parks and recreation options have been growing steadily in West Fargo. Barb Erbstoesser, Executive Director of the West Fargo Park District, noted that a lot of new parks have been added on the south side, as well as a few on the north side. West Fargo is always looking at revitalization and has a board and staff who consistently assess the city’s neighborhoods and parks. One of the newest projects is a ninja obstacle course which will be wrapping up in November of 2021.
    Erbstoesser also noted the importance of getting involved through sponsorship. Being involved in many activities and sports can be expensive for families. West Fargo wants to keep the fees low for families so they can continue to participate, and this is made possible through generous sponsorships and contributions.
    Attendees also heard from several businesses and organizations that are heavily involved in parks and recreation in our region. Audubon Dakota, EPIC Companies and Nature of the North all shared upcoming plans and projects. Audubon Dakota discussed their Urban Woods and Prairies initiative; EPIC Companies spoke about creating activities that attract and retain workforce; Nature of the North shared about their passion for getting people outdoors, and breaking down barriers to create accessible activities.

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