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  • City Spotlight: Kindred, ND

  • City Spotlight: Kindred, ND

    City Spotlight: Kindred, ND

    Jason Dubord (pictured at left)
    City Auditor: Tabitha Arnaud
    Current Population: 864

    The village of Kindred was founded in 1880 and named after the owner of the townsite, William S. Kindred, who had purchased the land from the Northern Pacific Railroad. The railroad was built in 1880. Kindred was incorporated as a village on March 9, 1920, and became a city in 1949 when the mayor-council form of government was adopted.

    Kindred began as an agricultural community and that tradition continues today. While agriculture still plays a large part in Kindred’s economy and culture, the community continues to grow and expand in various sectors.

    What kind of growth have you seen in your community?
    Kindred has experienced much growth in recent years. Kindred’s close proximity to the FMWF area has made it an enviable location – the small town feel everyone loves, yet still close to a vast network of employment opportunities, not only in and near Kindred, but in the 25-minute drive to the FMWF area.

    Kindred Public Schools is consistently one of the highest ranked school districts in the state. Due to the rapid consistent growth in recent years, a new high school was built in 2014, and initial planning is underway for possible construction of a new middle school. Shifting 6th grade over to a new middle school facility will allow for existing enrollment at the elementary school to have the adequate space needed and help plan for continued growth as well.

    In 2006, the state’s first and only Airpark housing development, Newport Ridge, was created in Kindred. Newport Ridge now boasts 70 homes (30 in the last three years alone) and is still growing, as new phases of development are continually being developed. More developments are also in the initial planning stages.

    Other important and notable enhancements to the city of Kindred include a remodel and expansion of the Fire Department building and renovation to the baseball stadium in 2019, a new pool in 2015, two new softball fields and facilities in 2014.

    Kindred’s business future looks bright! Kindred City Council recently adopted a Renaissance Development Zone. The RDZ’s primary goal is to strengthen Kindred’s overall economic development by incentivizing the redevelopment or rehabilitation of commercial and residential structures.

    MLGC, a high-speed broadband, television and phone services company, is expanding its presence in Kindred as well, not only offering 5 gig fiberoptic services, but physically relocating some of their warehouse and office spaces.

    What makes your community unique? 
    Kindred’s motto “where kindness is a way of life,” while perhaps not entirely unique to North Dakota, is truly evident when visiting our town.

    What issues are you paying close attention to?
    City leaders are working hard to foresee growth and infrastructure needs. Kindred completed a new water tower project in 2019 and is currently overseeing the relocation and construction of a new wastewater treatment stabilization pond. 

    City leaders are also focused on growing and strengthening the business footprint in Kindred. Kindred has had tremendous residential growth which city leaders hope will help to build on Kindred’s current business presence. 

    What success and challenges have you faced in recent years?
    The recent residential growth has been a success and a challenge.

    What is your vision for the future of your city?
    Kindred aims to continue to grow while maintaining the small-town, friendly feel that draws people to the community.

    How do you partner with other communities?
    Kindred has a large school district, physically, which helps create kind of an extended small-town feel. Kindred is intertwined with its surrounding communities, such as Leonard, Walcott, and Davenport and provides an overlap of services, such as ambulance and fire services. Kindred most often, serves as a hub for school and summer activities. 

    What is one thing you most want others to know about your community?
    Kindred has ample resources to provide everything you expect in a small town and more. Kindred offers the staples – grocery store, restaurant, gas station, parks & recreation, numerous churches – but also provides some special extras. Kindred offers one of the best schools in the state, and the town provides an overwhelming sense of community. We look out for each other in ways you don’t get in every community. 

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