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  • City spotlight: Glyndon, MN

  • City spotlight: Glyndon, MN

    City spotlight: Glyndon, MN

    • Mayor: Tracy Tollefson
    • Current population: 1,406
    Tell us about the history of your city.
    Glyndon, a city in Glyndon Township, section 2, was platted as a railway village in the spring of 1872, being named by officers of the Northern Pacific Railroad company, and thence the township was named. It is also the name of small villages in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The village was organized in 1875, incorporated as a village on February 14, 1881, and reincorporated on April 6, 1908. The oldest village in the county began as a tent village, with houses later built over the tent structures. It was named for a popular writer of Atlantic Hearth and Home, Laura Catherine Redden Searing, who used the name Howard Glyndon as a nom de plume. The post office began in 1872, first located in S. Campbell’s store with Stiles R. Nettleton, postmaster; four hotels were built in the first year of settlement.

    What kind of growth have you seen throughout recent years in your community?
    Glyndon continues to see growth in both residential and commercial. Stockwood business district has seen many lots sold and the residential subdivisions are growing. We have residential homes ranging from $150K to $400K and a new subdivision, Southview Addition, with many new homes.

    Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton School District recently passed a bond referendum that will provide enhancements or additions to programming for preK-12 students.

    What issues are city leadership paying close attention to?
    The city council is monitoring the COVID-19 federal and state guidelines and revenue allocations and using those funds in areas for the betterment of the city. We continue to monitor and prioritize LGA funds, and anticipate areas of future growth to plan accordingly.

    What success and challenges have you faced in recent years?
    The City of Glyndon is monitoring the revenue we receive each year and trying to best allocate funds for infrastructure and priorities the city has identified.

    What is your vision for the future of your city?
    • Promote commercial and residential growth.
    • Continue to create partnerships with organizations and businesses that promote Glyndon
    • Increase revenue sources for the city.

    How do you partner or work with other communities?
    The City of Glyndon works closely with the county, townships, school district, businesses and residents in regard to long-range planning for the city, and will collaborate and utilize other community resources as needed. Glyndon prides itself in having our Police and Fire/Rescue departments assist other departments and organizations.

    What is one thing you want others to know about your community?
    Glyndon is a family-friendly, close-knit community that is growing. It is a perfect location for raising a family, starting a business or enjoying retirement living. Prospective home buyers will find Glyndon has great home values per square foot and several wonderful lots available. We have a fabulous school district and dedicated businesses who support what we do as a city.

    Anything else we should know?
    Glyndon is “A Great Place to Call Home!

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