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  • Celebrating Three Chamber Departures

  • Celebrating Three Chamber Departures

    Celebrating Three Chamber Departures


    This summer we have three very special Chamber Retirements from three incredible staff members: Tracy Powell, Casey Sanders and Mason Rademacher! Please join us in giving them a well-deserved congratulations for the impactful work they have done for our organization and the community, and for the BIG things that they will be accomplishing personally and professionally during their next stages. We are extremely proud of all three of you and can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm and dedication, and wish you a successful future. Here are a few words from each of them:

    Tracy Powell
    "I will be working remotely as an Events Services Specialist with BigSpeak Speakers Bureau based out of Santa Barbara, CA. BigSpeak is the largest business speakers bureau and in the top three of all speaker bureau agencies globally! I’ve worked with the BigSpeak team over the past five years booking speakers for our Voices of Vison and Women Connect Celebration events. It’s been quite a ride – over 20 years – working for The Chamber and seeing how it’s evolved. I’ll always be grateful for the many opportunities that I have been given, but most of all I feel blessed by all of the amazing people I’ve met and the friendships that have carried on through the years. "
    Casey Sanders
    "I feel so blessed to have worked with so many amazing businesses from family-owned small businesses to corporate large organizations and everything in between. I am excited to share that I will be transitioning to work as the Economic Development Manager with the City of West Fargo. I am most excited to continue to build relationship with businesses and help foster growth for new businesses to come to West Fargo as well as existing businesses to prosper and expand. I want to sincerely thank not only The Chamber team members but also our members and supporters that I have had the opportunity to get to know and work with, you have been the highlight of my work. I look forward to continue to support The Chamber from the City of West Fargo."
    Mason Rademacher
    "I am extremely excited to have been accepted into Law School at the University of St. Thomas in the Twin Cities beginning this fall. Becoming an attorney has always been a dream of mine and when presented with this opportunity, I realized it was one I couldn’t pass up. This decision is bittersweet as I’m deeply passionate about the direction of the organization and truly believe it is one of the strongest across the country. I am incredibly grateful for my time in this community and look forward to what the future holds!"

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