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  • Business of the Year: Power Plate Meals

  • Business of the Year: Power Plate Meals

    Business of the Year: Power Plate Meals

    Fast, Fresh, Flavorful Meals

    It’s not always easy to make healthy meal choices when living a busy lifestyle. Thankfully, that’s where Power Plate Meals steps in.

    Starting just three years ago with a single West Fargo store, husband-wife duo Seth and Haylee Houkom have built a successful business offering ready-to-eat, chef-cooked meals that are healthy, fresh, and packed full of flavor.

    Shortly after starting the business, a fire destroyed all equipment and inventory in their rented kitchen space. They turned the situation around by converting a former Domino’s into a combined commercial kitchen and retail store. Eight weeks later, that store opened and sold out of the 1,200 meals made that day.

    Now with eight retail stores across North Dakota and Minnesota, they employ over 70 people, filling a niche with an innovative concept for the region.

    Power Plate Meals offers a rotating menu of more than 80 delicious meals, fresh juices and desserts. The average meal costs under $8.99 and is under 400 calories. Customers can stop in any of their locations to pick up meals on the go, or order online and have a week’s worth of meals delivered to their door.

    Today, they prepare and sell about 10,000 meals per week and have reached a high of 14,000. All meals are made in their state-of-the-art commercial kitchen in West Fargo.

    Quality is of utmost importance for all their meals. One step to ensuring that is by having all employees go through extensive training to practice proper food safety and follow FDA guidelines. They also constantly work to improve packaging, delivery methods, and online ordering.

    Embracing today’s e-commerce environment, they’ve developed an online process for customers to order from the same menu that the retail stores serve each week. Online orders are shipped with UPS each week to customers with orders of four meals or more right to their door.

    Currently, Power Plate Meals has shipped meals to customers around the nation, and continues to expand this part of the business with a goal of shipping 50+ boxes of meals per week in the near future.

    Competition can be fierce in the food industry, and Power Plate Meals acknowledges the rise in home-delivered meal kits. They maintain that their high standards, taste and convenience are what set them apart.

    Seth and Haylee are proud to live and work in Fargo. They make a point to invest in their community and contribute to the economic growth of the region. They give back by donating frozen meals to Great Plains Food Bank. In 2017, they donated more than 6,000 meals. In fact, they say that their mission is to inspire change by making healthy eating accessible for everyone, one meal at a time.

    With their eyes on growth and dedication to customers and quality, Power Plate Meals can now add Business of the Year to their list of achievements.

    The Company Philosophy
    At Power Plate Meals, each meal is a reflection of our dedicated team, who sources the highest quality ingredients, and packs every meal with unmatched flavor. Combine those ingredients and you get the best tasting, healthiest meals on the market.

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