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  • 2023 Voices of Vision Recap

  • 2023 Voices of Vision Recap

    2023 Voices of Vision Recap

    We were honored to welcome Marcus Luttrell to our community as this year's Voices of Vision keynote speaker. Luttrell has dedicated his life to be of service and inspiration, which he showed our community on April 20, when he shared his story with all who attended the Voices of Vision event. Thanks to the nearly 2,000 Chamber and community members and hundreds of military service members in attendance, Voices of Vision 2023 was a great success, whereas we could all be touched by Luttrell's inspiring story and unique perspective on overcoming life's greatest challenges, determination to take on any task and the motivation to never quit.

    Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell joined the U.S. Navy in 1999 and became a combat-trained SEAL in 2002. After years of training and a deployment to Iraq, he was deployed to Afghanistan in the spring of 2005. This mission changed his life forever. As a SEAL, Marcus was trained in the use of weapons, demolition and unarmed combat. He also trained in 18 Delta and served as the team medic. In 2007, Luttrell earned the Navy Cross for combat heroism by President George W. Bush after recuperating from the near-fatal injuries of Operation Redwing.

    While taking the audience through many defining moments in his life, Luttrell pulled the curtain back on not only the harrowing moments of Operation Red Wings, but how that experience affected his purpose and outlook on life. He shared several meaningful ideas and messages that our audience could hold onto as key takeaways, such as how to build an effective and high-functioning team, the importance of consistently pushing and sharpening yourself and those around you, and having grace and gratitude.

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