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  • 2022 ChamberChoice Young Professionals Best Place to Work - Construction Engineers

  • 2022 ChamberChoice Young Professionals Best Place to Work - Construction Engineers

    2022 ChamberChoice Young Professionals Best Place to Work - Construction Engineers

    In a time when workforce issues affect so many, business are asking how to find the best talent, and employees are looking for a place they can feel valued. Construction Engineers seems to have both figured out, as their culture of support and education has earned them this year’s Young Professionals Best Place to Work designation.
    Founded in 1978, Construction Engineers is a general contractor that provides construction management and design-build services in North Dakota and northern Minnesota. Noting that many in the workforce are close to retirement, it is home-growing its own talent.
    Of the company’s 70 total employees, exactly half are young professionals. And those young employees are able to develop their professional skills, grow their network, and engage in the community thanks to the benefits offered by this area employer.
    Construction Engineers continuously supports young professionals through continuing education. In 2021, it invested more than $200,000 to start its own Registered Apprenticeship program. This in-house training grows new young professionals in the carpentry trade and comes with increased pay, recognition, and credibility. The company also offers an Educational Reimbursement program that financially supports employees continuing their education through advanced degrees or professional development. Quarterly management meetings brings the team together to learn new communication and supervisory skills.
    Four Construction Engineers employees have been recognized by Prairie Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list. Every year, the company nominates one of its hard-working young professionals, with the belief that it’s important to cultivate an environment that is conducive to retaining young staff. Several are also members of The Chamber’s Young Professionals Network.
    Construction Engineers offers one of the highest 401(k) matches in the construction industry and region, and fun company events for employees and their families.
    One of the company’s core values is supporting the cities in which it does business. This year, it committed $100,000 to the Career Impact Academy in Grand Forks. During covid, Construction Engineers donated to local non-profits instead of giving holiday gifts to business partners by asking employees for nominations of organizations in need. So far, it has given more than $25,000. Beyond that, employees can also submit requests for support for causes or events that need funding through a program called Construction Engineers Cares, with leadership fulfilling most.
    The company’s owners, Scott Kringstad and Jeff Melgaard, lead by example in a culture that embraces positivity, teamwork, and success.
    In an industry that is booming, and even with career opportunities in abundance, it’s clear that Construction Engineers proves its place as a Best Place to Work for young professionals.

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